Are you having power struggles with others in your life?

Mars entered shadow period earlier this week. This means that the degrees Mars will go through from now, till the end of 2020 are a huge karmic zone (15 degrees to 28 degrees of Aries).

Pay attention to the themes that come up for you from now on, till Sep 8th when Mars goes retrograde. Those themes may repeat till the end of the year.

Mars represents the masculine within each of us. Our drive, our ambition, our motivation for taking action, our ability to protect ourselves and those we love, our very life force energy. At home in its most resonant sign of Aries, it helps us find our identity, our sense of self, our AUTHORITY.

Mars goes retrograde once in 2 years, so the fact that it will retrograde in Aries, means a major overhaul of Aries energy is coming up.

Do you have planets/nodes/angles in Aries? Then take note, this is a significant 6 months for you.

Also, the fact that Chiron is in Aries, implies a big healing of the masculine energy is to be expected (not comfortable but that is the way we evolve to find balance).

Mars will also square the boatload of planets creating transformation in Capricorn (Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto). This means that issues around authority and who is the real authority in your life, will come up to be faced.

For a while now we have been seeing the collapse of old structures (Capricorn). Now the warrior energy of Mars in Aries will require us to take the next most aligned steps, with courage, towards a nurturing future.

Aries vs Capricorn:

  • self vs outside authority
  • pioneering a new way vs sticking to the old outdated ways of doing things
  • courage, spontaneity vs writing down a list and checking it a 100 times
  • following your own intuition vs following a prescribed pattern set up by someone else

I’ll be delving deeper into the depths of Mars in Aries in the next few posts. Do you have planets in Aries? I’d love to hear what is coming up for you. Are you feeling the Mars in Aries energy heating up?

As always, if you would like help decoding your natal chart to make sense of the changes you are going through & look for the potential in this chaos, reach out to me a for a chart reading HERE.

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