What are you fighting and is it time to let go?

Mars is slowing down to go retrograde in 9 days.
If you have planets, angles, nodes between 15 to 28 degrees of Aries, this is a significant transit for you.

We’ve talked about Mars in these prior articles:
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Let’s go further now, as in the next 2 months Mars will backtrack the degrees from 28 to 15 degrees of Aries, repeating the themes that have come up in your life in the past 2 months. Mars will go direct on Nov 13th.

Mars represents our masculine nature, how we take action in our life. But when Rx (retrograde) usually means that the action is inward rather than outward. A lot of introspection. A lot of getting clear within before acting.

Because this retrograde motion also includes the times Pluto and Jupiter will go over the Saturn Pluto conjunction point of 22 degrees Capricorn, it means that something is permanently coming to an end in your life.

Mars in Aries also represents the warrior archetype, the one that allows us to set boundaries, deal with conflicts and protects us.

If you are fighting something in your life, it may be time to pause and take a good look at it and see:

  • if the fight is worth it
  • if the cause is worthy of your energy
  • if your commitment needs to shift
  • if you need to understand what your true soul responsibilities are
  • if those responsibilities need to shift so you are in integrity with your soul’s intention for this life
  • if the cause you are fighting for is something that is no longer in alignment with your values, is it time to let go?
  • if you need courage to face an ending

So, for the next few months, be very discerning about what you are fighting for, where you are putting your energy and what needs to be let go of.

This could be a career, relationship, habit, patterns, thoughts, emotions, physical things, ways of being.

This transit can seem very hard because Mars is a personal planet and it directly affects how we take action to move in our life.

But this is an opportunity to shift a big pattern in your life that is just not serving your highest interest anymore.

The choices you make in the next 2-3 months are going to help set up the next phase of your life.

So, pause, choose wisely.

The full moon in Pisces tonight invites us to release in a big way.

Surrender to the flow of life.

It also asks us to have compassion and kindness and is inviting the warrior within to first be kind to our own selves, recuperate, connect to the Divine source within.

During the next few days of the full moon (Sep 1st/2nd), leading up to Mars stationing retrograde (Sep 9th), tune into what you are ready to release.

This can bring up a lot of grief and sadness. So, allow yourself to feel all the emotions.

Letting go is necessary, before we start to build the new in our life.

As usual, if you are looking for clarity at this time in your life, a natal chart reading can really help to see the way ahead and how best to navigate it.

Reach out to me here if interested.

PS: Mars in Aries is sitting right on my Natal Chiron and South Node in Aries. This is a very uncomfortable energy for me for sure as it is big past life stuff, but I am so glad I am aware of this, as it is helping me to navigate this very important transit with consciousness and grace and courage. Natal chart readings can bring much clarity and healing during a difficult time.

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