You will not mess with me!

Yesterday, Oct 9th 2020, Mars at 22 Aries was square Pluto at 22 Capricorn. We are still in that window.

Can you feel that energy? Can you feel that primal force of power coursing through your body, marking a very clear boundary that others cannot and dare not, cross? 

Just to give you some context, I have my natal Mars at 22 Capricorn. Yes, Pluto in the sky is sitting on my Mars. It is exactly at the point where:

  • Saturn/Pluto met on Jan 12th
  • where Jupiter Mars met on Mar 20 (Equinox)
  • where Jupiter Pluto will meet on Nov 12th

and Mars in Aries in the sky is squaring all that powerful goodness 😉

This is NOT an easy energy to deal with. 

Squares are normally tough, but add Mars and Pluto to the mix, and it’s all about control and power

A FIERY combination designed to burn off all old patterns of inertia and get you moving in a BIG way.

This is one reason I understand this energy so well, I’m living it every single day.

And it has been responsible for amplifying my personal power IMMENSELY! 

It has given me tremendous courage to get out of any comfort zone I’ve had about speaking up for myself, standing up for myself and being my authentic self.

Yesterday I was pushed to the limit by a certain situation. The result, tremendous anger at boundaries being crossed. At being taken for granted.

I was seriously pissed off. I let myself feel it all and believe you me, there was a LOT to feel.

And then, when I felt calmer, I confronted this situation and laid out a very clear boundary. It’s NOT ok to cross this. You do not mess with me. 

And to get back to the point I am trying to make: this square may push you to the limits. It’s up to you to decide, do I want to tolerate this or is it time I did something about it?

Ultimately, who is in charge of my life? 

The biggest gift I’ve received from Astrology is the FREEDOM and COURAGE to be ME. And to express it without hesitation, without apologies.

The knowledge of my chart + transits + HOW to work with tough transits so they change my life in a POSITIVE way has been a priceless gift and is my zone of genius.

My Power of Balance program allows you to get into the driver’s seat of your life. Stop being at the effect of other people’s agendas, and start being who you are meant to be.Interested? Connect with me HERE.

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