Clearing Mental Clutter

The week is book ended with transits that activate our mind.
Yesterday we had Mercury Rx in Scorpio meeting with the Sun in Scorpio.The week ends with the Taurus full moon conjunct Uranus.
Mercury meeting the Sun is the halfway point of Mercury Retrograde.At this point, we may be receiving some insight or ideas that have been dug up from the deep subconscious.It may not be the full story yet, but reveals something that is essential to know on our path ahead.
The Taurus moon conjunct Uranus on Oct 31st adds a radical nature to this already special full moon (it falls on Halloween, or Samhain).

Uranus transits have an awakening effect. Changing your perceptions completely. Breaking you out of your normal mode of thinking and being.
Mercury represents the mind, Uranus the higher mind.

With these transits, watch out for 3 things this week:

  • Both are to do with the mind. So, there may be an unusual amount of mental chatter you are experiencing, and the need to look externally for answers may be high. Watch out for lots of distractions.
  • This can cause a lot of nervousness and anxiety (particularly due to Uranus).
  • Somewhere in this mental chatter, you may receive insights, ideas and inspirations that help break you out of a situation(closer to the full moon).

3 things to do to make the most of these transits:

  • Expose yourself to information that takes you further on your path and not derails you; in other words, feed yourself constructive information and stay away from what can trigger you.
  • Ground regularly. Do things that involve the physical body and not just the mind, like dancing, exercise, movement, painting, gardening (doing anything in nature really helps).
  • Watch out for crazy ideas and note those down!

Oracle Card reading:
I set the intention to receive guidance on how to maintain a steady clear mind in order to move forward on our highest priority creation this week.These are the cards that came up:
Peace (Air), Emotional Maturity (Water), Priest/Priestess Within (Earth).

  • Our thoughts affect our feelings. While it’s important to honor our feelings, its equally important to be vigilant of our thoughts and notice the link between what we are thinking which then affects how we are feeling.
  • The Peace cards tells us to activate this quality of the Air element by paying attention to what brings peace to us. A breath of fresh air can clear the mental cobwebs and affect our emotional state.
  • A clear mind better equips us to respond to a situation rather than react (Emotional Maturity).
  • The Priest/Priestess within informs us that we are sovereign creatures. We have the ability to connect to the sacred within us and outside of us without needing an intermediary.
  • You are being awakened to the next level of your sovereignty. How do your thoughts and emotions support you on your journey to sovereignty?

There is more to this card that I will write up in my Full Moon post later this week. Uranus will play a huge role in the transits next year, so consider this week a taste of what’s being awakened within you.
Wishing you much inspiration this week!

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