What will the Taurus Full Moon awaken within you?

Earlier today the Taurus moon was opposite the Sun in Scorpio.
The moon was also with Uranus at the same time.

This full moon is not an ordinary Taurus full moon.
It falls on the same day as Halloween or Samhain which means that the veils are thin and it allows us deeper and easier access to our inner guidance.
If you can ignore all that is happening in the outer world, it is easier to listen to your inner wisdom.
This full moon can also bring up many emotions and because its with Uranus, provide unpredictable flashes of insight.
And if emotions don’t have an outlet, it can bring out the rebel in you.
Where you want to just break away from the norm, break free from the usual business of life and go your own way.
This window of 3 days is significant as mercury also slows down to station direct on Nov 3rd.

Watch out for the following:
– lots of mental stimulation
– lots of distraction, feeling weird and out of sorts
– watch our for insights
– ground regularly
– sleep a lot to integrate these strong energies and allow your mind rest

In the above, the photo on the right shows an owl I saw swooping silently on to a tree, while the almost full moon rose on Friday night.

Warm Regards,

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