With great power comes great responsibility!

This is a POWERHOUSE of a week in terms of astrological transits.There are 4 transits in the space of 4 days, all to do with the theme of power.

  • Nov 12th: Jupiter conjunct Pluto for the 3rd and final time, at the Saturn Pluto conjunction point of 22 Capricorn
  • Nov 12th: Venus meets the waning moon at the Solar Plexus gate on her underworld journey
  • Nov 13th: Mars turns direct in Aries, the sign of personal power, sense of self and identity
  • Nov 15th: Scorpio new moon. Scorpio is the sign of personal will and power and life force energy

Let’s break this up to understand it better.

As an astrologer, I strive to remain neutral and write about the energies as I see/sense them. This has been an extreme month in an extreme year, and I feel it’s necessary to address some points here in the light of the Astrology of this week. Whatever polarization you may be seeing in the collective, I invite you to see it from a different lens. A lens that is more internal and personal.

Where do you need to take charge in your life?

Where do you need to step up?

What is yours to do at this moment?

This final Jupiter Pluto conjunction is on the same day as Venus/Moon at the Solar Plexus chakra – this is not a coincidence. This week may bring up all our triggers around the word power. Just know, that what comes up to the surface of your awareness, can be transformed. Then Mars turning direct, and Scorpio new moon open a gigantic window to start a new chapter in your life.

A new chapter..

-Where you are fully in the driver’s seat of your life.

-Where you take responsibility for creating your reality in co-creation with the universe.

-Where you forge your new identity (Mars in Aries) coming from a powerful sense of self within and trailblaze a new path for yourself with courage.

-Where you come to terms with the tremendous power and life-force lying latent inside of you (Scorpio) that may not be getting expressed.

These transits are telling you that true power lies within you. Not anyone outside, not the media, your family, friends, spouse, colleagues, boss, community, president, other leaders etc

You are the sole (soul) leader of your own life. You have the power to create what you truly desire. Now, are you going to use this power? and how?

The well-known quote, “With great power comes great responsibility” hits the spot here. Great (Jupiter), Power (Pluto), Responsibility (Capricorn)

Ultimately the structures that are collapsing and changing, are affecting each one of us and really pushing us to take personal responsibility for every aspect of our lives. So much has been said about the structures (Capricorn) changing this year. But Capricorn, of all the signs is also the one that represents the ancient wise ones. That wise soul presence within each of us. And of all the signs, is the one that is very much in touch with the responsibility it shoulders.

Can we all, each one of us, start to first, acknowledge the power we hold, and start to take responsibility for using it wisely?

Wishing you a powerfully illuminative week, where you see the wisdom of your own ancient self and have the courage to pioneer a new aligned path into 2021 and beyond!

PS: My 1:1 program Power of Balance was made for these transitional times! A ground-breaking program to help you navigate tough transits with grace! Every single one of the amazing women who has worked with me has had something major going on in her chart. And through this program, they have found the gift in the tough transit and reclaimed their personal power. If this calls to you, feel free to connect with me here for details.

COMING SOON! Stay Tuned….

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