Are you experiencing midlife crisis?

Are you in your midlife years? 
Are you experiencing midlife crisis?
Did you know that we experience midlife crisis due to situations that come up in our life due to midlife planetary transits?
What we consider as midlife crisis, is actually the soul or inner wisdom wanting to find more meaning and alignment in life.

The midlife years are critical to setting up the next half of our life on a strong foundation of meaning and purpose.

If you try to just tolerate it and go through it, you risk continuing the same patterns into the next half of your life.
This is where people change jobs hoping the change will satisfy them, but after a bit even that job doesn’t give them joy anymore.
Does any of this sound familiar to you?
If so, I invite you to book a free Clarity Call to explore what Power of Balance can do for you.

“A boon for women going through midlife” said Nancy, 39, when she took this program with me. 
Right in the middle of midlife transits, she was going through some of the typical things:

  • She was incredibly successful in her life and career thus far ( she is a medical professional)
  • But that success was feeling empty, didn’t have meaning anymore
  • She knew deep down she had incredible potential
  • She knew she was here to make a real big difference in life hers and others
  • But was feeling lost, tired and despondent

That’s when she met me, and we worked together through Power of Balance.
She was a different person after she emerged from her program.
It had given her:

  • meaning and purpose
  • more clarity in her next step
  • enabled her to go through the remaining midlife years with an amazing amount of grace and fortitude even during emotional times
  • and the final result, she ended up having the courage to pursue a really big dream in the organization she works and has become a well-known leader!
  • She knows she has found the next level of her purpose!

If you are 

  • going through a soul-searching phase in your life 
  • are at crossroads
  • experiencing a lot of change and transition

I invite you to a free Clarity Call for Power of Balance here.

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