What are you being called to create?

Earlier today the moon peaked at 8 degrees Gemini, opposite the Sagittarius Sun.
Gemini an Air sign and Sagittarius a Fire sign can create considerable movement in your life.
With Neptune in Pisces having gone direct on the 29th, there is a considerable amount of mutable energy in the air.
This means that the energy is conducive to bringing about change in your life.

Things may not be fully clear yet. With Gemini we can be given a lot of choices and even with Neptune direct, things may still be foggy.
This combination is great for indulging your creative side…and trusting.

I feel this is an extra special Full Moon Lunar eclipse, because Venus in the sky is currently on her Gemini meta-goddess journey for the next 13 months.
This emphasizes the sign of Gemini greatly and gives us ample opportunities to be conscious of what story we are telling ourselves and others.
And how do we want our story to turn out.

Here are 5 ways to work with this energy today:

  • Simplify: Full moons are a time for release and with the added energy of the lunar eclipse, can give a lot of incentive for closing some doors permanently. The more you let go off of and simplify your life, the easier it is to make sense of the chaos.
  • Release: Fire and Air help you to release old emotional baggage. Here are 2 ways: write down what you are willing to let go off on a piece of paper. And then burn it (safely of course). OR, simply put on a piece of music you love to dance to, set an intention to release, and dance it off. Be very intentional when you do these practices.
  • Create: This is a great combination of astrological energies to help you create for the sake of creating. No worrying about what anyone else things, no agenda in how you want your work to turn out. Simply create, write, paint, play. Let it all out on paper.
  • Get curious: Gemini is the sign of curiosity. And it is this trait that can help it see different options. Ask yourself how you deal with the unknown normally. And see if you can find new ways to deal with this time. Are there options you had never considered? Is it time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new?
  • Write a new story: Gemini is the sign of the story-teller. Write your new story. How do you want your next year to turn out? Let yourself get curious, and see what wants to emerge. And an astrological chart reading can give you much clarity on what wants to emerge next year for you. Reach out HERE if interested.

Have fun with this full moon!

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