Are you ready to integrate 2020?

We are less than 3 weeks away from the December Solstice & also the RARE Jupiter Saturn conjunction which is setting the stage for a brand-new era.
As I mentioned in the 5 Steps to Sovereign Power video, the energy of next year will be very different from 2020.
My inner guidance has been telling me to not start anything new but instead bring old threads to completion and really integrate this great year of change.

So, in addition to the usual astrology posts, I will give you short journaling prompts every other day for 2 weeks, to help you assimilate the shifts of this year and who you have become.
I will link these prompts back to the astrology of 2020 so you can really understand what happened, to set a strong foundation for 2021.

Benefits of this exercise:

  • make sense of the chaos of 2020
  • see the hidden gifts in this year
  • get clear on who you want to be going forward
  • enter 2021 with conscious awareness

Integrate + Celebrate: Day 1
We will go through the major transits of the year and journal on what came up.
Some guidelines:

  • Feel free to do this at your own pace
  • It will take about 15-30 mins each day. I provide a lot of prompts, answer the ones that resonate for you.
  • Before journaling, center/ground yourself. Let the writing flow without overanalyzing or overthinking.
  • Try to do this without any judgement. Honor what came up for you honestly.

Let us start with the 1st transit of the year. 
The biggest was the Saturn Pluto conjunction on January 12th, with Jupiter/Pluto meeting 3 times at similar degrees in Capricorn (April, May, November).
This transit was meant to first jumpstart (Saturn/Pluto) the fall of old structures, and transform them. 
Jupiter/Pluto meeting 3 times in the year was meant to expand the process of transformation.
With Saturn, we felt a LOT of restrictions and boundaries.
We are meant to grow within those restrictions.
It was also a process of death and rebirth

  • What was the biggest transformation this year brought for you? 
  • Was it a surprise? or did you know within that change would come? 
  • How did it make you feel?
  • How did you handle it initially?
  • What structures changed in your life?
  • Where in your life did you feel the restrictions the most?
  • Despite the restrictions, how did you grow this year?
  • What is dying in your life at this time?

Warm Regards,
PS: While this process is personal, if you feel called to share what is coming up for you, I’d love to hear! I invite you to join the free Activate Your Truth and Power Facebook group where you can share within a community space!

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