Integrate + Celebrate Day 2

Today’s topic is one that is very near and dear to my heart. 

It is emotions and emotional resilience, something I feel we are not always taught about, but should be included in all school curriculum!

Let’s talk about Mercury’s transits

Mercury, the planet represents the mental realm, how we perceive, cognize and express.

In 2020, it retrograded in all the Water signs. Water signifies the emotional realm. Mercury, the planet of the mind, when retrograde, is meant to shift our focus from obsession with the left brain, logic and analytical mind, to the right brain, our intuition and feelings. 

It’s meant to help us slow down and allow our bodies to catch up with our mind, and give us a new perspective on things.

Naturally, this means it will help us to become more aware of our emotions. In water signs, it brings our emotions up to the surface, very obviously and there is no escaping them!

So, the journaling questions for these transits that happened 3 times in the year(March, June, October):

  • How did you manage your own emotions?
  • How did you manage other’s emotions (family, friends, community)?
  • How did you show yourself compassion for what came up?
  • What ways have you learned to honor and express emotions more easily or do you need to do more of that going forward?
  • What was the dominant emotion that came up for you? Was it anger, sadness, frustration, grief, boredom or anything else? What message was it trying to convey to you?
  • Name it, honor it, feel it, release it (Tapping and journaling are simple but effective ways to process your emotions).
  • How did your perception of your life and the world change over the course of this year?
  • What do you perceive was the gift in your experiences this year?

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