I don’t believe in Astrology!

I don’t believe in Astrology…
So said someone to me a few years ago, when I was very enthusiastically trying to share my love for this subject! 🙂 They said, “I think Saturn is just a rock in the sky. I don’t believe it has any influence on my life.”

I am very much the kind of person who believes in ‘live and let live’, and really do respect others’ opinions even if they differ from mine, so I didn’t respond or defend my own views, at the time.
But that got me thinking…
Would you say the sun is ‘just’ a star in the sky?
Would you say the moon is ‘just’ a rock in sky?
What I’ve learned is that everything is energy and we are all connected, even if we cannot visibly see that connection all the time.

 If the sun was even a bit closer to the earth, we would all be incinerated.If it was a bit further away, we would freeze.
The tides on earth are totally related to the position of the moon.
Those of us who are sensitive to energy, feel the effect of and difference between a full and new moon, during eclipses or even all the big transits we’ve had in recent months.
The sun, moon and other planets and their relative positions in the sky and relative to earth, absolutely do have an effect on us.

Now you may say that meanings are assigned to what these represent, and it’s true.
But before discounting it completely, I’ve found it helps to pay attention to the energy being experienced when you are going through a particular transit.

When Saturn traverses a planet in your chart, if you are awake and conscious, you will absolutely feel it. You will feel the pressure to accomplish, either from yourself or others, you will feel judgment from within you or others.
And knowing how to navigate this transit effectively is absolutely key to living a joyful life otherwise it’s possible to burn yourself out (guess how I know this to be true!)

When Pluto goes through a part of chart, you cannot sleep through that. It will bring to your notice all sorts of things that need to be eliminated from your life. Your fears and obsessions will be magnified, inviting you to face them with courage.
And if you are the type that holds on to things past their due date, or have control issues, that transit can make life a tad bit difficult (ha ha, guess how I know this!)

When Chiron is going through your chart, it will bring up lifetimes of grief and sensitivities to your awareness.
If you cannot hold yourself with compassion during that time, you may just collapse under the weight of that grief or self-criticism.
And worse, you may miss the golden opportunity of reclaiming a gift that you can give to others (hands down THE biggest gift I personally received through astrology).

So no, I don’t think these celestial bodies are ‘just’ rocks in the sky.

They absolutely influence our lives in ways we may not always understand.
AND…this is KEY….here is what many folks don’t know. We are not at the mercy of the planets.
Our choices absolutely affect how we experience that transit….and the gifts we receive from them.

Our natal chart holds clues to the soul’s intent for this life, and these transits are like turning points in our journey.
And if we choose to, we can get on board with our soul’s plan and start to live life in alignment with it.
And just for the record, the sun, moon and planets couldn’t care less if we believe in them or not 🙂
They are just being, and exert influence on our lives by just being who they are.
And knowing how to navigate this energy is key to becoming who we really are at our core.
My Power of Balance program uses a ground breaking way of working with your natal chart & transits.
And empowers you to be who you are meant to be.
Interested? Connect with me here.

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