The #1 thing you need to do this week

If there is any time in your life where you want to be consciously staying focused on your vision and mission in this life, it’s the next 10 days!

This is the #1 thing to do this week:

We have an important week with a very rare stellium in Aquarius that is designed to shake us out of our complacency and take the next step forward.

Here is a snapshot of the week:
Feb 8: Mercury conjunct Sun. This is the midpoint of Mercury Rx. Mercury is transforming in the fire of the Sun. How is your perception changing and shifting? What ideas have you permanently dropped and what new ones are you adopting?
Feb 10: is a BIG day in preparation for the new moon on the 11th.
The day starts with Mercury trine the North Node and then squares mars. How can you align your mind and body to take effective action on the opportunities that already exist in front of you?
And the moon is super busy today, building up to a story as well!
Moon meets Saturn, then Venus, then Jupiter, then Mercury Rx.
Whew! All this is in preparation for a magnificent new moon on the 11th.
Also, Venus & Moon meet at the 8th gate of her journey or the Earth Star chakra just days away from her entering the underworld.
This is a very important time in Venus’s story, signifying that she is willingly letting go of all that is not authentic to her, and trusting the journey that lies ahead of her.
Feb 11: New moon in Aquarius 23 deg 17min at 2.06pm EST. With, Jupiter conjunct Venus! Wow!
Jupiter is really amplifying all this energy in Aquarius. What we desire we can attract.
Be very careful what you project out on this day and the days prior and after.
A great day to focus on what you love, your unique gifts and abilities and start taking action towards all the fantastic ideas you have been getting!
Feb 13: Early in the day, Venus is conjunct Mercury retrograde and within 10 deg of Sun so officially enters underworld.
Mercury gives her a message that will help her during her time in the underworld.
What insights are you getting about the next 3 months?
Feb 14: Jupiter conjunct Mercury Rx at 13deg21min. This is an important point because the 2nd Saturn Uranus square happens near here in June, so note the themes coming up, ideas, dreams etc. This chapter is just beginning…
5 things to keep in mind this week:
  • Get clear on WHO you need to be, your vision and mission.
  • Be aware of when you get tripped up and have strategies to bring you to center.
  • Ground regularly, by spending time in nature. This Aquarius energy can bring with it a lot of information overload.
  • Be aware of what you are ingesting via your mind, to allow you to have clarity on what you really want to focus on.
  • Start taking action on what matters to you, what lights your heart up and start expressing your unique gifts.

And if you would like to see the full forecast of Star Signs with Swati for this week, here it is.

PS: If you would like help to figure out where to focus on for the next year, a Natal Chart reading can provide much clarity during times of change and intensity. Connect with me here if you would like to purchase one.

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