Winds of Change

This week, it’s been very windy where I live, and it got me thinking of how I love the feeling of fresh air and a strong breeze. The Aquarian in me desires freedom and spaciousness and the last few days have felt like a different kind of energy is streaming in which is a stark contrast to the restrictions and tensions of the last few months and frankly, year. We are entering a power portal this weekend with the March Equinox when the sun enters Aries.

This is no ordinary equinox!
The energies coming in are taking us to another level. It is asking us to pause at this point and really honor the journey we’ve been on so far and prepare mentally, emotionally, physically for the massive amount of change we will start to see in our reality going forward.
Many of us have been desiring change, and with this equinox, there are massive codes of light coming in that we will start to see the difference in our physical reality soon.
So, it’s important to pause here and be conscious of the path you want to take ahead.

Some things to keep in mind:
Balance: Equinox, equal day and night, always has a focus on Balance. Tune in, what has gone off balance in your life with the squares of the last few months? What will it take to bring it back to harmony? Do you need to rest and recharge before going ahead?  

Major shift in seasons:
We move from Winter to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Ask yourself:

  • What were the lessons from winter? What did you let go off?
  • What is the new energy asking you to go towards?
  • What will need nurturing to grow in summer?

And move from Summer to Fall in the Southern Hemisphere. Ask yourself:

  • There are many gifts to be gleaned from the past few months. What are you harvesting?
  • What do you want to keep, let go off?
  • What strategies will you use to prepare for winter?

Honor this wheel of the year time with a Personal or ritual ceremony: Honor what has fallen away. And welcome who you are becoming with Gratitude.

Connect with the Sun: Spend time in the sunlight to connect to the 0 Aries point. Sunrise and sunset are wonderful times to infuse yourself with Equinox rays. The influence lasts 3 days, the day of the equinox and day before and after. A good time to tune in to higher wisdom.  

Have a beautiful weekend!

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