Nurturing the path ahead with habits that support you

Lots going on in the cosmos this week.

From fiery Aries, the Sun and Mercury move into earthy Taurus, joining Venus which moved in last week. All 3 will conjunct Uranus already in Taurus in the next 10 days.
Plus, Mars enters Cancer this week, quite a change from airy Gemini.

What does this mean? What do you need to know to make the best of it?

These transits allow us to stabilize radical change: Creating new habits to see the effect of these changes in our lives. So, it’s not just about the insights that we’ve been receiving, but about bringing the insights into the body. Slowing down and tuning into what allows us to feel present.
Nurturing our path ahead: Many are experiencing new beginnings in their life and it’s time to nurture this new start, with thoughts, emotions and actions that support this new way of being.  With Mars in Cancer, we could get opportunities to feel our feelings more. Venus + Mars are also working together (later in summer they conjunct). This is helping you to nurture yourself through new habits that honor your SELF.
Remember habits build your reality:  What you do every day, sums up your life. Notice how you are being called to change up your routine. This is a great opportunity to stop what is not serving you and replace it with what you need to grow this year.

If you are looking to solidify new habits that support you, consider signing up for Expanding Magic – The Ascent.We will work with the Venus cycle to infuse your life with joy, lightness and build habits that will write a new story for your life. Early bird offers are valid till May 1st, and we start on May 7th! Contact me here if you’d like to join us!

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