Have you been feeling odd since last week?

Today we have the Scorpio Full Moon, just a day before Pluto stations retrograde, to do a deep dive into our sub-conscious.
And last week , Mercury and Venus meet Uranus, creating shifts we can feel in our physical body & mind.
We feel all of these transits in a visceral way and they are meant to help us pause and break old unhealthy patterns.
These also come in through the Sun, which has had many events like CMEs, flares and geo-magnetic storms recently. Sun transmits waves to the Earth.
If you have been feeling weird and odd sensations and anxiety, amp up your self-care particularly for the body. May need more hydration and rest and time in nature to ground always helps.

The Scorpio Full Moon is asking us to courageously dive into the depths of our feelings, commit to a life of passion, and savor this beautiful life on this beautiful Earth!

Tonight’s full moon will highlight areas where intensity is preventing you from feeling pleasure in your life.
Take a look at the Self-care Secrets, which will support you during this time.
Click here to access it; request access if you are not part of the Facebook group yet.

This short 20 min transmission, covers the following:

  • #1 tool to have on hand that supports you for life
  • 3 key pieces to the self-care puzzle

Incorporate these into your life to be self-sufficient and take care of yourself no matter what is going on in your life. These strategies end up simplifying your life greatly, saving you time and money.

Expanding Magic - Journey with Venus and the Nodes facilitated by Swati K.

The early bird offer for Expanding Magic closes May 1st. In this program we will focus on

  • Focus on YOU
  • Invite in lightness and joy
  • Hold a vibration of equanimity no matter what is going on in the external world
  • Open up creative expression – this is not the same as artistic skill, but the ability to CREATE your life to what you desire
  • See your relationships FLOURISH!

If you are looking for any of the above, sign up for this timeless program!

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