Your mind is like an arrow -> where is it pointing?

This week starts off on a powerful note with Mercury conjunct North Node in Gemini on May 10th.
Followed by a new moon in Taurus on the 11th and Venus rising out of the underworld to meet the moon at the Root Chakra Gate on the 12th!
Whew, we are entering a passageway into a powerful NEW energy!
Your PRESENCE and FOCUS matters!
Be very aware of your thoughts, feelings, words & actions this week, as all these energies continue to influence us in the days that follow.

Mercury, representing our mind is like an arrow -> where you point it matters!
If you are focusing on things that take you away from your path, that’s a lot of energy and time lost.
Remember, with the higher cosmic energy coming in these days, thoughts get translated to physical reality quickly.
And this new moon is a powerful seeding point for your future.

So as Mercury meets the North Node in Gemini, ask yourself, what are the choices in front of you?
Which ones match your deepest values, asks the Taurus New Moon.
Moon also meets Uranus on the 10th, making it easy to spot unusual opportunities.
Expect the wildly delightful unexpected!!!
And don’t be afraid to be BOLD!
What is unusual, not been done before?
Check out Star Signs with Swati to anchor your Taurus New Moon intentions!

Pay attention to the messages you receive in this week.

  • Remove distractions
  • Get clear on your values
  • ASK for clear guidance
  • Give yourself space to receive guidance
  • Then infuse this week with a GIANT dose of gratitude!
  • Really pause to see all the good already in your life and in this energy of grateful abundance, plant the new intentions you have.

This is your chance to write a new story for your life!
More on Venus conjunct Moon at Base Chakra later this week!

I cover all this and more, including the Taurus New Moon in Star Signs with Swati.
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