Bringing steadiness during intense times with creativity

Are you feeling change in the air?
With the Sun moving into Virgo this Sunday and the 2nd Aquarius Full Moon, there is a feeling of completion of sorts.

The Aquarius Full Moon has Saturn conjunct Kaali, which is saying, all that is a false identification has to go.
I talk about this in my conversation with Regyna of Atmaitri in our Conversations and Creativity workshop and you can catch the replay here.

There is so much going on in the outer world that is pulling at our attention.
I’ve found that when I bring intention to my creative practice, it not only grounds me but I am able to make better choices in the uncertainty.

Regyna walks us through a beautiful exercise to help us identify what we are letting go off and what we want to bring into our lives.
Perfect for doing this weekend, you can work with it in several ways:
– Use it to release old emotions
– Work with it to come up with a vision for your personal life
– Expand this exercise to all of humanity, to envision a world filled with peace, harmony and respect for every single living being

When each of us visions a joyful life and starts to take tangible steps towards that, it has an effect on all life on Earth.

There is much much power in this 2nd Aquarius Full moon on Sunday Aug 22nd, which is conjunct Jupiter.
What you focus on expands.
So choose your focus wisely and allow the workshop to welcome in insights.

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