A personal reflection

Today and tomorrow, I am experiencing an event that happens once in 30 years.

Saturn is right on my Ascendant, exact at 6deg59min of Aquarius. It has been dancing between my Sun (11deg) and Ascendant all year long, and today is the final time before it moves away, for the next 30 years. I’ll be in my mid 70s when it comes around the next time 🙂

This is a transit that I am much grateful to have been working with very consciously.

The Ascendant indicates the new personality and essence we are moving into, in this lifetime. It’s something the soul is learning, and takes time to settle into fully. We may make many mistakes along the way, or never really fully settle into that new skin. When Saturn transits the Ascendant, it gives the soul marvelous opportunities to build this new personality in very practical ways, that is obvious in the real world. Along with an unshakeable sense of personal authority and confidence.

As I look back on this year, which has been such a massive gift to me, I acknowledge and honor all the ways I’ve changed, grown, matured and been able to create big leaps in my life towards moving in the direction of soul purpose. Not just in my career and community, but feeling deeply in my body, my immense potential and a sense of quiet confidence and knowing that I am on the right path.

Saturn has been a huge help, removing distractions and reminding me with loving firmness,

  • To stay focused on what really really matters.
  • To use my energy and resources wisely, with respect and reverence for the sacredness of this life.
  • To always keep in heart that the soul has a purpose and encouragement to stay committed to fulfilling that, even when it felt hard at times
  • To remember that carrying Aquarian energies means daring to be different and honoring the uniqueness within.

I’ve been visioning, dreaming, journaling a LOT in the past few months..getting clearer and clearer on my highest essence in this lifetime, what am I here to do and the many ways that my soul would like to express. I will be sharing those with you in the coming months.

And as Saturn finally moves away from my Ascendant, I look forward to moving into the world with this new sense of Self.

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