The #1 skill to develop, in order to navigate energetic intensity with ease

Back in October I had talked about entering the tunnel of transformation that would take us to the end of the year.

October had transits related to Libra, communications and relationships.

November brought us the Scorpio new moon, Mercury/Mars square Saturn on Nov 10th, both activating the Saturn/Uranus square and opens the eclipse tunnel on the Scorpio/Taurus axis on the 19th of Nov.

December brings us the 2nd eclipse, the final one in Sagittarius (Dec 4), the Solstice as well as the final Saturn Uranus square. The year closes with a bang.

And then January brings us the South Node moving to Scorpio for the next 19 months.

Scorpio energy is amplified in the coming months and year.

Stay tuned for an article series I’m working on to shed more light on how to navigate this energy.

This is key to understand for everyone, but more so if you are in a position of leading, healing, teaching, coaching, parenting or taking care of others in any way.

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