Integrating 2021: Day 3

The 3rd exact Saturn Uranus square happened earlier today!

Squares create tension in our lives for the purpose of making us see what is outgrown and they require us to act differently than we have done before, to make it work.
In this way, they provide us an opportunity for growth.
The soul uses this as a strategy to evolve 🙂

Usually, the 1st time we experience a square, it can be tough & uncomfortable.

The 2nd time, we begin to recognize the signs and hopefully realize we need to act/think/be different than our default patterns.

The 3rd time around, is when we can really see the gift of this square, IF we have been working with it consciously.

This is when we know we have transformed and received the gift of this energy.

Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus says it’s time to set up new rules for living.

Questions to journal on:

  • What has stepping into your sovereign power meant to you?
  • How is it showing up in your life in this Now?
  • Acknowledge and honor yourself for all the inner work done this year that has brought you to this point.
  • How will this new You show up going forward?
  • What commitment do you make to yourself, in terms of how you want to be seen?

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