Big energy ahead

The transformational energy we’ve been feeling for the past month is about to amp up.

Here is an overview of upcoming transits:

  • Jan 14th: Mercury turned Rx at 10 Aqua and will go back into Capricorn (activating the conjunction with Pluto again) in the coming 3 weeks
  • Jan 16: Sun conjunct Pluto, highlighting structures in your life that need to change
  • Jan 17th: Full moon in Cancer, opposite Pluto
  • Jan 18th: Uranus turns direct at 10 Taurus (almost exact square to the degree Mercury turned Rx)
  • Jan 18th: South Node enters Scorpio, North Node into Taurus
  • Jan 19th: Sun enters Aquarius

As you can see there are big energy shifts on almost every day in the coming week.

All the while Venus is still Rx (will turn direct on Jan 29th), asking us to take an honest look at what we really really desire in this life.

Stay centered, and make your mental, emotional and physical well being a top priority.

This is the time to deeply nurture yourself, and courageously walk away from habits and patterns not serving you.

Watch where external narratives and stories trigger you.

There is so much distraction in the outer world, and much may not have relevance for your own journey.

Watch also where you may be picking up on collective emotional energy, and taking it to be your own.

Guiding others

If you are a coach/leader/healer/teacher, note if this is coming up for your clients and those who you serve, so you can guide them effectively.

If you are a parent, remember that kids are also affected by collective energy and this is a good time to teach them how to manage their own energy.

It really does matter where we put our focus.
A good time to strengthen your commitment & devotion to your most aligned soul path and help those around you to do the same.

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