Forging a strong connection with Gaia

One of the notable changes I’ve seen in myself this year, is a deepening of my relationship with the spiritual being that is our beautiful Earth.

So much of our Ascension process and soul evolution is about resolving the past and then moving into a stronger relationship with Gaia, so we may relish in this physical life.

I am feeling this higher vibration of Gaia more and more consistently and deeply grateful for the nourishing support it provides, especially as we move through unprecedented times.

The planetary transits reflect this energy as well.

On Aug 25th, Venus in the sky reached a significant point in her 19-month journey around the Sun.

Meeting the moon, at the Earth Star Chakra gate, she is getting ready to go into the underworld (where she meets the Sun on Oct 22nd 2022).

This is significant because it provides a 4-month opportunity to honestly take a look at what is not true to ourselves anymore and release it with gratitude and love, making space for something new to be revealed.

  • Ask yourself how you have changed this year?
  • Where might you need to consciously let go of habits and patterns of the old Self?
  • How will you honor the new you that is wanting to emerge?

So much change has taken place this year, externally for sure, but possibly even internally, that we may not know who we are anymore.

At times like these, I find that reconnecting to the Earth energy provides for a sense of stability that may have gotten shaken in recent times.

I think this is the reason why, my family vacations usually involve going to National Parks and spending days immersed in the beauty of nature!
Pics below from Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Invitation to Retreat
If you are craving nourishment, a place to pause and recharge, and reconnect with yourself, I want to share with you a retreat being led by 2 of my dear friends and colleagues, Regyna Curtis and LaChelle Amos: Sojourn among the Sequoias, held in California on October 23rd-29th .

A big part of this retreat, is extended time in nature amidst a landscape which is deeply connected to the planet Venus–near the Sequoia National Park.

The Redwoods have an ancient connection back to Venus.

And the timing of the retreat is such that Venus will be at her most powerful in her cycle, right around the time of her conjunction with the Sun.

A beautiful opportunity to tune into what is next on your life path, by

  • Soaking in the ancient and future wisdom of the Redwoods
  • Tending to your heart, mind, and body through joyful movement 
  • Immersing yourself in activities that nourish your right brain, through creativity, sound and meditation
  • Making new connections with like-hearted souls

You will leave refreshed, with a renewed zest for life!

If reading this lights up your heart, you can find all the details HERE.

Changes coming in my services

I’ve been hinting at changes coming in my work in recent months.
Creativity has been and is a big part of my journey, and continues to expand my path forward.
In the next post, I will share more of how my path ahead is evolving, and how you may  be affected by the changes in my services.
Till then, may you keep deepening your connection to Gaia.

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