Looking beyond the screen of chaos

It can be disheartening to watch what’s happening in the world.

I invite you to look beyond what looks like chaos, view it from a cosmic perspective and see what is emerging underneath.

As we traverse this key eclipse season, open to perceive beyond what we know as reality, to new possibilities.

If we are not used to different possibilities showing up, it can be easy to miss the good that is happening behind the scenes.

It’s a lot easier to tap into the new realm that is being revealed, when you are in nature.

Being outside on a  regular basis is a deep priority of mine.

Pause often during the day, allow yourself to go into stillness, give yourself permission to disconnect from the external, so you can hear your heart speak.

When outside and in stillness it’s easier to hear the new harmonics that Gaia herself is emanating, inviting us to step into her new realms.

This is a profound realization I had as I painted for Legend Clan Cura, below:

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