My wish for you in this coming new year

In the final week of 2022, I am slowing down to rest and recharge with my family, reading, painting and sleeping long hours.

As I look back on this incredible year, I am really taking in how much has shifted for me.

I feel different today than I did at the beginning of 2022 and my next newsletter will share the many gifts that this year revealed.

Message from my Muse

One of the most beautiful connections I cultivated in 2022 was the one with my own Muse.

This painting is from one of my assignments in the Intentional Creativity Teacher Training program that I am going through currently.

She represents my Muse.
She is an incredible strength and presence within me. I feel her very strongly.

She is an energy that infuses into every part of my life, bringing life and nourishing love to all parts. The ones that are flourishing and the ones that are dry.

Her message as I painted was to let her flow through at all times. To feel her presence in my sacred heart and every cell of my body.

The connection to the Water element was very strong when I painted.

My Muse is my access to infinite love and capacity to hold large space for my own transformation and that of those who I serve.

My wish for you in the coming year is that you feel a strong, loving, consistent connection to your own Muse and that you feel held, guided and protected as you navigate 2023 and create your life from a place of sacred love.

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