Recalibrate in stillness this week

Energy flow speeds up in the months ahead.

  • Jan 18: Mercury stations direct at 8.08 Capricorn
  • Jan 20: Sun enters Aquarius
  • Jan 21: Aquarius New Moon at 1.33 deg, conjunct Pluto
  • Jan 22: Uranus stations direct at 22deg Taurus
  • Jan 23-Apr 21: All planets direct!
  • March: Saturn enters Pisces, Jupiter conjunct Chiron, Pluto enters Aquarius. Whew!!

The next 3 months set the stage for your life path in the years ahead.

Choices and decisions made now have long term impact.

Take the time this week to slow down, tune in and recalibrate, integrate.

Be deliberate & intentional about your choices while also being open to an expansive flow.

Those who have completed Power of Balance with me, this is a perfect week to revisit the lessons and materials on Capricorn, Aquarius and Taurus to align with their highest essence.

March is a KEY month for this year.

With the 4 outer celestial bodies creating change, its essential to understand how Saturn, Pluto and Chiron impact our energy and expression.

If this is something that’s coming up for you, I invite you to check out The Gift of Your Authentic Voice.

The course has in-depth teaching on these 3 planets in order to resolve the past and call in your gifts.

It will support beautifully in working with these energies, with strategies and techniques to resolve misaligned patterns and move on to a higher expression.

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