A tribute to my father

Today it’s been a month since my father transitioned.

I’ve taken the past month to really support myself to move through this transition.

Allowing grief to come up when it does, feeling it and letting it move through me.

Also, remembering with deep gratitude all the good times with my father.

My father was a hugely positive influence in my life. He was a Sagittarius Sun, a Gemini moon, an Aquarius rising, with Venus/Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mars in Leo.
Talk about a potent fire-air combo!

He loved to talk about consciousness, quantum physics, spirituality and what’s beyond our human existence. He explored this for much of his life, particularly the last 30 years.

It’s due to him that I grew to love the night sky, learned to really pay attention to nature, trees and flowers and developed an appreciation for physics.

I remember long conversations with him on these topics since when I was in my teens, sharing all that he was learning during his discoveries.

And as I myself awakened in my mid life years, I added my own experiences to those conversations.

I treasure those memories now.

His big awakening in his mid-life years influenced my life & journey profoundly and planted big seeds for my own midlife awakening later on.

I believe I had the courage to dive deep into my own personal transformation as a result of all that I had learned from him and what he shared with his family.

I’m choosing to view his passing through the lens of immense gratitude for our time and that is taking the edge off of the grief of experiencing loss.

One way I have been supporting myself is through medicine painting.
This by synchronicity was my next assignment in my Intentional Creativity training.

It included intentional healing for lineage & ancestral lines and while a bit intense has been a really good way for me to channel and focus my energy during this time.

Sharing a few pics from my medicine painting journey.


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