Responding peacefully to the challenges of life

In recent weeks, I’ve been having conversations with many folks, and the general theme seems to be a tiredness reflected by the immense & rapid change we are going through collectively.
Disillusionment at the increasing negativity in the world and a feeling of hopelessness that things will not improve and perhaps worsen.

People ask me, when will the change end? When will things get back to ‘normal’?
As an astrologer I look at the transits as a reflection of the intensity of evolution we are going through in such a short period of time.
There are many other signs of the intensity such as increased solar activity.

And I wonder, week after week, is there any point in even talking about specific transits anymore?
We are in full on collective transformation & composting mode.
Literally every transit is all about changing our deeply ingrained habits and routines & transforming unresolved stories to wake us up and become more conscious than before.

So when folks ask me when will the change end..I have to say honestly, the change is only going to amplify.
There is no ‘normal’ now, as that is also shifting almost everyday.

But what we can do is to really accept in our hearts that change is happening and prepare ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually to be able to receive the gifts of this change, which is ultimately a shift in the consciousnesses of humanity.
This is a huge ask if one is not aware of the cosmic perspective of the Ascension process.

This doesn’t mean that we just wait and watch the old crumble and give up; or ignore what is playing out.
On the contrary this calls for even greater personal responsibility with compassion, to examine how we are using our life force energy to craft our lives.
Often what we see externally reflected is a result of unconscious use of life force energy and the resulting distortions are what we experience as intensity.
It is so so important to have access to ways of managing anxiety, stress, fear patterns, old emotional patterns that surface more quickly now, as well as access to practices that truly fill you up with positive energy, increase your overall resiliency to the chaos in the external world and ultimately expand your capacity to open your heart to love more – because that is the end game.

So this week I want to share with you a series of 7 tools that are perfect to revisit right now.
Above all, I value peace and harmony in my life and these are soul nourishing practices I come back to again and again because they work.
They have helped me to uplevel my capacity to create my life consciously, have a positive impact on others and move through challenging times with grace.
While also revealing gifts like access to consistent joy, freedom and deep faith in my ability to navigate the unknown.

Tool 1: Clear emotional baggage
Tool 2: Strengthen the connection to your higher wisdom
Tool 3: Deepen your ability to navigate the unknown
Tool 4: Activate your unique expression
Tool 5: Hone your creation abilities
Tool 6: Live from a new paradigm
Tool 7: Consistently expand this quality in your life!

I’d love to hear from you–what are you experiencing in this now?
What recurring issues are coming up for you? How can I help?
Warm Regards,


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