Integrate + Celebrate: Day 7

This is the final post on the Integrate+Celebrate series! Last week we had the much awaited Jupiter/Saturn meeting on the Solstice.This transit emphasizes individuality and our uniqueness.Higher visions brought into physical reality.From all that insights you've received from the previous days, ask yourself: Who would you like to be in 2021?From this place of the … Continue reading Integrate + Celebrate: Day 7

Prepare for Solstice + The Great Conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn

We have reached the final great transit of 2020!Jupiter and Saturn meet tomorrow at 0 Aquarius on the same day that the Sun enters 0 Capricorn (Solstice point). Here I want to share some easy ways to imbibe this energy which will be carrying us into 2021. Spend time in the Sunlight. Watch the sunrise … Continue reading Prepare for Solstice + The Great Conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn

What are you being called to create?

Earlier today the moon peaked at 8 degrees Gemini, opposite the Sagittarius Sun. Gemini an Air sign and Sagittarius a Fire sign can create considerable movement in your life. With Neptune in Pisces having gone direct on the 29th, there is a considerable amount of mutable energy in the air. This means that the energy is … Continue reading What are you being called to create?

Are you experiencing midlife crisis?

Are you in your midlife years?  Are you experiencing midlife crisis? Did you know that we experience midlife crisis due to situations that come up in our life due to midlife planetary transits? What we consider as midlife crisis, is actually the soul or inner wisdom wanting to find more meaning and alignment in life. The … Continue reading Are you experiencing midlife crisis?