My session with Swati was incredibly illuminating. Swati has a unique approach that blends deep spiritual insight with pragmatism. She helps you understand the placement of planets and other cosmic entities in your natal chart, and explains how transits in the present and future could impact your chart. It is like handing over a toolbox to you that helps you tune into the cosmic energy around you and navigate your own space and identity within it! I love Swati’s equal emphasis on what’s external to us but also our own power and inner strength that we can use to work with the external to reach our highest potential and live out our values everyday! I truly enjoyed this session and would highly recommend it!

Audrey, Nepal

Swati is an absolute delight to work with. She deeply cares for you and your well being. Provides tools to not just survive but thrive. Swati has an amazing capability to listen and is extremely non judgmental with a pulse for your frame of mind which is hard to beat. Even a person like me who is guarded could easily open up to Swati. Swati’s desire is to see others empowered and lead better lives so arms you with tools and techniques to beat any stress or difficult times in your life.Swati has been a constant revelation and thanks to her I have been able to discover myself in many ways and my shadow traits. She has these wonderful rituals and meditation techniques which should be part of everyone’s lives. Her calming voice takes the meditation exercises to the next level. I am extremely grateful for my time with her and will continue to work with her and highly recommend her sessions!


If you seek a tool box with a clear map for how to navigate life’s challenges, I highly recommend a reading with Swati! She clearly, compassionately, and joyfully explains the landmarks in your chart in a way that is extremely accessible and easy to reference later.

I’d been to an astrologer before but was basically just given answers to specific questions. Swati’s reading, however, gave me all the information I needed to more thoroughly understand the cosmic magic of my own chart and be able to answer my own questions! Three months on and I still reference the notes from our session. Thank you Swati!


LaChelle, USA

I have been interested in astrology for a while, but have never taken the time to understand my chart. The reading I had with Swati opened my eyes to new understandings and maybe more importantly, confirmed aspects of my life that I already suspected. Swati has a lovely way of taking the charts information and helping you see how it applies specifically to an area of your life. Her knowledge of the work and her intuitive sensibilities made me feel as if I were having a meaningful conversation with an old friend.

Leslie Morton
Leslie Morton, USA

Over the years, I have studied astrology from different angles, although mostly from that of trying to understand my sun sign. As I have delved deeper into my birth chart, I found that there are so many layers of relationships between the planets and how these relationships can help us to find clarity around our personal life path and specific motivational drivers. What brought me to Swati was wanting to understand my North/South node relationship further, but what I got was so much more. Her knowledge of navigating a natal chart and how to combine learned information with intuitive guidance to help you find deeper meaning in your chart is invaluable. While some of what we discussed was in relation to how the planets aligned with my chart at that current moment in time, she also explained things that occurred years ago and things that I’m only starting to see glimpses off which will unfold over the next few years. I have now watched our session 3 times and learn something new each time. Having the recording to refer back to is an amazing gift all on its own. Whether you are just beginning to understand astrology or have a deeper relationship with it, I highly recommend working with Swati. Her presence is kind, patient, and extremely wise. 

Regyna, USA

Swati Kameswar is brilliant at blending and balancing astrology, coaching and engineering. She has created her own unique approach to help you understand astrology in a whole new way. With her intellectual mind and with her pure heart she has the ability to read your astrological chart in a way I have never seen or experienced before. Through working with Swati you immediately uncover, understand and confirm the depth and insight you have wanted or longed to know about yourself, your life and beyond. “The Astro Physicist,” as I like to refer to her as, is a pure ray of light in our modern day living. She is here to help you on your journey to empower your life.
I welcome answering any questions and of course highly recommended Swati Kameswar.

Corina Angela Winn
Energy Translator
Corina Angela Winn

Swati did a thorough and tailored reading of my natal chart. Her questions along the way helped to highlight important areas to take note of. She’s also included a solar chart reading which provided a year’s look-ahead on near-term things to be aware of and to work with the flow. Thanks, Swati!

Austin, TX, USA
Mui, Austin, TX, USA

Working with Swati was a great experience. I found out about her interest on astrology and reading charts, so I got very interested to know about my chart, as I had no idea about astrology and wanted to learn about it. I did not have much expectation when I started my sessions with her. But, as she started talking about different nodes, planets and how they move along, and where they stand in the map, I got very excited. When she explained each aspect of the planet and what they represent, I started resonating with a lot of things in my life and how it does express my personality, who I am, what kind of qualities I possess, etc. I was very stunned to see how much astrology and the planets are closely related to our life and what we are as a human being. Swati has a deep understanding on what astrology is and she explains it in a beautiful way and also touches on a lot of points with her personal experience. She also records and give us notes of sessions so it’s convenient to read any time. I was shocked that she was able to tell many things most accurately on what is happening in my life. I highly recommend everyone to take a session with her and learn about astrology. Thank you, Swati.

Austin, TX USA
Santhosh, Austin, TX, USA

Working with Swati was hugely beneficial to my personal growth and happiness. I came into her sessions through an interest in astrology and found that Swati is great at creating a kind, understanding, and comfortable environment in which to grow and share. I worked with Swati over the course of many months, and during that time I developed a greater understanding of myself and how my mindset and emotions impact my life. Through the sessions, I became more aware of my mental state and began to channel positive energy towards my intentions. Because of what I learned from Swati, I have lost 30 pounds, met my boyfriend, and reached my career goals. I would highly recommend working with Swati. She has such a positive presence and has helped me be more in tune with myself and create the life I want. Through these sessions, I have learned skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life.

Phoebe, USA

I have known Swati for many years now, but it was a great experience to work with her as she was my coach for the last couple of years. I have been through both the courses that she offered – Activate Your Power(AYP) and Moon Power (MP). They have been a great help. Her knowledge about astrology has given me a good insight into reasoning the things happening around me. Having an explanation of those transitions helps a lot in finding a stress free solution. I was looking for more clarity to find what my plans for the next few years are. Am I on the right track? Am I the best Mom I want to be, the best engineer I want to be, the best wife/daughter/daughter-in-law/sister I want to be? So many questions were going through my mind and that’s when I started Activate Your Power with Swati. Swati’s sessions introduced me to several different techniques to really clarify the path I want to be on. It helped me understand what my power is and how it can help me to sail through the questions to find the right answers to all my questions. It taught me about creating positive energy, releasing the negative energy, guiding your mind towards clarity. She was really thorough at explaining my chart and I was so impressed with how things lined up with my personality. At that same time she offered the Moon Power course which helped even further to understand the transitions. Being an Engineer, I have always been curious about “Why and How” questions. Knowing the answers to these questions, helped me logically link myself to the world around me and Swati did that job really well. Today I feel that I am happier, more clear about what I want to do and ready to forgive the situation as I try to understand the reasoning behind it and I want to thank Swati for that. Thank you Swati for your guidance. It has helped me so far and I am pretty sure it will in the future as well whenever I face challenges. I hope that more like me can take advantage of your guidance.