I am so thankful for this wonderful course that Swati has created. This journey with Swati has taught me awareness, respecting my boundaries and an incredible ability to connect with elements in nature that surround us. Through her chart reading, I was able to understand myself so much better and was able to accept my shortcomings and devise a plan to move on rather than blame myself. The program was incredibly helpful in seeking clarity and envisioning what the next decades can bring for me. This program that Swati has put together also offers many practical exercises that bring out the best in all of us but most of all can be a boon for women who go through the mid-life transit. I did this program remotely from California and it was very easily administered with web meetings and associated materials. Thank you so much!

Nancy N
California, USA
Nancy N, California, USA

Swati makes it so easy to understand the elements of your birth chart and how it relates to my journey now and my spiritual gifts . She showed me how it is a map and it’s all there for us to access if we have someone with Swati’s understanding and caring to teach us .I felt nurtured and held working with Swati and wouldn’t hesitate to work with her regularly. She has a real understanding for what she does. 

Donna M

Donna M, Australia

Your insights and understanding of astrology is amazing! I continue to rewatch my session with you and I am blown away with the depth and accuracy. It allows me to join the dots and feel clear and empowered. I highly recommend your work. I am intrigued and keen to learn more so very happy you have created this blog. Thanks Swati.

Much love, Kym Tankey
Kym T, Australia

“I felt the call to sign up for a chart reading with Swati and I found it really beneficial. The sessions brought me clarity and understanding of many aspects of myself which were previously unclear. I was able to explore with her deeper into my personality traits and soul calling. I would definitely recommend a reading with her!”

Amanda C
Amanda C, Australia