Welcome to Freedom To Be You with Swati Kameswar!

This series de-mystifies & awakens each zodiac sign within you in simple and practical ways. The astrological natal chart is a map of who you are meant to be. It contains clues your soul has provided to consciously create this life and indicates your soul’s intent for this life.

Embodying the sign you have planets in, is a direct way of working with your chart to awaken qualities that your soul intends to embody. Example, if you have planets in Aries in your chart, then you are meant to awaken the Aries archetype within you, its deep essence! Freedom to Be You series goes beyond the stereotypical descriptions of signs and makes them more accessible, down-to earth and empowers YOU to be YOU in fun and creative ways!

What benefits will you receive from Freedom To Be You?

  • As you embody your signs, you will feel a sense of freedom and relief, no more feeling like a fraud hiding your true self!
  • You will get more clarity on who you are meant to be
  • You will develop courage to be authentically you
  • You will elevate your sense of self-worth
  • You will become aware of ‘labels ‘ people put on you and move away from those judgements, bringing a feeling of self-compassion that allows for healing
  • You will be able to show up in your relationships from a place of strong personal power as you start being more of your authentic self.

With each sign, you will receive:

  • A beautiful PDF and a video that goes into detail about the essence of the sign and the shadows.
  • Journaling questions allow you to unpack how it shows up for you so you can shift the shadow to essence.
  • Activities listed to help you to embody that sign.

This series is for you if you want to

  • deeply understand, accept & love yourself
  • support yourself to reach your full potential
  • show up as YOURSELF in your relationships
  • support your clients in a deeper way if you are a mentor/coach
  • understand & support your family (parents, spouse, children) & friends