Power of Balance: Be the guiding light in the dark

Calling all heart-centered conscious leaders, coaches, mentors, and healers who are seeking to find balance in your life as you hold a nurturing space for your clients at this unprecedented time!

Give me 12 weeks and I’ll show you how to bring back balance into your life so you effectively can be the guiding light in the storm!

You don’t need to run on empty at this unusual time we are going through. Let me walk you through my simple step-by-step system and I can show you how easy it can be to be the calm in the chaos.

My program called Power of Balance helps you to find balance & calm during times of transition and change, using your own Personal Astrology and a groundbreaking new way of looking at balance. I’ve been offering this only to my private clients so far but I feel is essential & ideal for anyone who is leading/coaching/mentoring others or in a position of taking care of or holding space for others.

This program is for you if:

  • You are a coach/leader/mentor who inspires & guides people to reach their potential
  • You are in a position of taking care of or holding deep transformational space for others
  • You love your work & the positive impact it has on other’s lives, are a successful coach, mentor, leader or healer but are not sure how to be centered during this time of great change that is creating a major reset on earth and you want to come through at this time with your clearest light and embodied soul presence
  • You feel stress from multiple responsibilities and holding space for so many people and situations in your life
  • You value self-care but your usual practices are not working at this time and you feel overwhelmed, confused or burned out
  • You want to serve deeply but are confused about how to support your clients now
  • You recognize that you yourself are going through your own inner change right now & frustrated by the lack of clarity on your path ahead
  • You have done many things so far to be successful, but it’s beginning to feel empty and you don’t know what comes next
  • You feel like life is about to change but feel fear and anxiety about the future

You want:

  • To feel centered and balanced so you can serve from the place of your strongest light
  • To see clarity on your path ahead
  • To have a sense of what’s coming ahead for you so you can be prepared
  • To have the ability to surf life’s changes with grace and ease

How can Power of Balance help?

Times of change & transition are asking us to change the patterns in our life. The same pattern that got us here may not work going forward. How do we adapt to changing situations all around us?

We start by looking into your own personal astrology: your natal chart & the transits that you are going through. Your sense of balance will most definitely be affected by the transits (position of planets in the sky) that are activating your chart. And to regain balance you want to know how to work with the transits and your own personal planets effectively, how to find the intent and gift behind every transit even if its seems hard right now.

I’m going to share with you the techniques, tools, wisdom & practices I use in my own life & work that have allowed me to find balance during the most transformational years of my life. Hands down knowing, understanding, following, studying, being my chart & activating it with ritual has helped me to align deeply with who I am meant to be. Helping me to remember in every moment who I am and who I want to be, and bringing me back to center every time something comes along to shift it.

And this will help you to be very clear of who you are and how to bring balance into your life everyday based on who you are, rather than following a prescription that is no longer working.

Be the strong guiding light in the dark:

The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

Often, we don’t honor large parts of ourselves and end up feeling out of balance.

Your astrological natal chart tells you very directly how you need to balance all parts of you. Your chart is one of the many ways that your soul communicates with you. You have within you immense resources that you may not be using yet! And so, you may be running on empty!

After Power of Balance, you will emerge with more clarity on your current situation so that the next step becomes easier for you. You will feel strongly centered and balanced, so you can support yourself and others, your family, community, clients in the best way possible; so you can be the strong guiding light in the dark!

Swati makes it so easy to understand the elements of your birth chart and how it relates to my journey now and my spiritual gifts . She showed me how it is a map and it’s all there for us to access if we have someone with Swati’s understanding and caring to teach us. I felt nurtured and held working with Swati and wouldn’t hesitate to work with her regularly. She has a real understanding for what she does. 

Donna M

About me:

This topic is very personal to me and I’m very passionate about maintaining a sense of balance in my own life, with all the multiple roles I play, as well as helping others find it.

Just like you, I play multiple roles including mom of two, a wife and managing a team of ten in an Engineering company.

Several years ago, I had reached a point where I’d been very successful in my corporate career and ticked off a lot of boxes that had at one point given me tremendous satisfaction. But in reality, I was feeling that I had no balance in my life. I was feeling the effects of that imbalance which was a sense of dryness, like life had lost its juice. Even though I had achieved a great deal, it didn’t have meaning anymore. Which led me to…do do do vs be. And honestly, it just left me feeling tired and exhausted and unfulfilled.

I didn’t realize then but I was entering a deeply transformational phase of my life, with Pluto/Uranus/Chiron transits all pointing me to dive deep within to find what would nourish my soul. But with all that doing and taking care of a million things everyday, who had time to look for something deeper? Who had time to think about soul nourishment?

It was at that time that astrology came into my life. I started to study my chart and realized that I was not honoring large parts of myself!! How could that be possible?! I was successful, wasn’t I, at managing multiple roles so efficiently? But as I studied my chart more and started to embody its essence, life started coming back into balance. I stopped going through the day running on default mode and I learned to take exquisite care of myself, in the way that I needed to.

I started to direct my life with precision and grace and flow.

I want to say to you, that you are unique. What balance means to you, is unique to you.

The simplicity and beauty of knowing yourself through your chart is what will help you to find that balance in life; to honor all parts of yourself. And when you learn to bring balance into your life, then you give yourself space for the brilliance within you to emerge.

If you are running from 1 thing to another during the day, there is no time to think deep and talk about soul intent and purpose. That is hard when you are just struggling to have a breath of fresh air everyday, especially during times of change.

Most of us, especially those of us that are holding space for others, are so good at making sure things balanced for the people we take care of.

But what about us? Its time to fill our own cup. It’s time now to honor every part of ourselves. And you are going to learn to do just that in Power of Balance!

This is what you will receive:

  1. Mini-reading: we will look specifically at the 5 things in your chart that point to balance.
  2. Transit: What transits are activating your chart right now that most definitely affect your sense of a balance and how to work with them
  3. Look very deeply into the following in your own chart: this is the heart of the program, the shift that will make the difference in your life and is very personalized to you and your chart.
    • How to energize yourself: Know how to fuel yourself consistently so you are not running on empty
    • How to nurture yourself: Where you may be missing out on deeply nurturing yourself
    • How to focus: Know how your mind works so you can maximize its ability to focus
    • How to hone in on your emerging desires: What soul desires are speaking to you right now at this time of great change
    • How to move: Where do you need to take action, and more importantly, where you should not take action

This will be a blend of pre-recorded trainings plus Coaching calls for each of the above that will provide you with an incredible tool set to bring awareness when you go out of balance and how to come back to equilibrium.

  1. Activate the Star of Balance: We will then activate these 5 aspects so they work in synergy with each other. As part of this you will experience how to deeply restore yourself, allow yourself a dose of powerful pause and awaken minor changes that add up to major delight! You will come away from this program deeply fortified and with an incredible tool set to support yourself in the years to come!

This program is a beautiful blend of astrology+coaching and you will be held in a deeply nurturing space as we go through it. If you’ve never had a reading done before or worked with Astrology in this way, then this is going to be a treat for you!

I am so thankful for this wonderful course that Swati has created. This journey with Swati has taught me awareness, respecting my boundaries and an incredible ability to connect with elements in nature that surround us. Through her chart reading, I was able to understand myself so much better and was able to accept my shortcomings and devise a plan to move on rather than blame myself. The program was incredibly helpful in seeking clarity and envisioning what the next decades can bring for me. This program that Swati has put together also offers many practical exercises that bring out the best in all of us but most of all can be a boon for women who go through the mid-life transit. I did this program remotely from California and it was very easily administered with web meetings and associated materials. Thank you so much!

Nancy N
California, USA

Program Structure of Power of Balance:

12 week program consisting of:

  • Mini-reading
  • Pre-recorded trainings on developing your tool set
  • 5 coaching calls to go over the 5 aspects & integrate
  • Extra Q&A call


  • ½ day Elemental Forces of Creation Workshop for Elemental Balance ($200 value)

Are you Interested?:

I’m inviting 5 souls who are ready to step into Power of Balance. I intentionally work with few people at a time, as I would like to support each in your personal transits for the 12 weeks we are together. If this is you, it would be my honor to walk this journey with you!

Click here if you would like to speak with me to see if this program is right for you at this time.