Dec 20th 2018


  • Moon oppose Mercury
  • Sun at last degree of Sagittarius
  • Chiron trine North Node

What is the energy like: Moon in Gemini opposite Mercury in Sag can be a fun, optimistic energy and result in a lot of communication.

What to watch out for: Watch out for exaggeration, or twisting of truth. A lot of fire energy in the chart, with Moon in Gemini fanning those emotions.

How to navigate these aspects:

It’s a great day to meet, communicate, network with people. Tackle writing or speaking projects. Moon in Gemini brings in the lighthearted fun and Mercury in Sagittarius, the connection to a higher source of wisdom.

We will feel a shift in energy when the Sun moves into Capricorn tomorrow.

Today I held a Solstice circle and combined both the groups I am working with. Much to my delight, the 2 groups gelled beautifully and there was such a lovely nurturing space held for all of us that resulted in much heartfelt sharing and left us all feeling light and expansive, optimistic for the year ahead! Gemini and Sagittarius at their best, with Chiron and North node providing the healing space!

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