Hi, I’m Swati Kameswar, a Transformational Coach helping women and men going through mid-life awakening to embody their highest expression so they can live with authenticity and joy.

Known for brilliantly blending astrology with transformational coaching techniques and creativity, I guide people through tough planetary transits that are meant to awaken higher consciousness and help them uncover the gifts of change in their own lives.

Transitional times invite us to step into a new way of being. I created The Gift of Your Authentic Voice and Power of Balance to help you resolve mis-aligned karmic patterns so you can move on to a higher expression in this lifetime. This means moving past old expressions of duality, judgment, fear, guilt, inner critic and find true meaning through authentic self-expression and experience freedom and flow.

My work helps you to step into powerful self-expression through the tools of astrology, sound/voice and creativity and set up the next phase of your life for joyful success!


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Swati Kameswar is brilliant at blending and balancing astrology, coaching and engineering. She has created her own unique approach to help you understand astrology in a whole new way. With her intellectual mind and with her pure heart she has the ability to read your astrological chart in a way I have never seen or experienced … Continue reading Corina Angela Winn

Corina Angela Winn

Coaching I have known Swati for over a decade and observed her to be a very intelligent engineer and empathetic leader. But I had the privilege of getting to know her as a coach over the last 2 years. She has an amazing talent to help bring self-awareness and personally helped shape my personal and … Continue reading Vaidehee G, Austin TX

Vaidehee G, Austin TX

Work With Me:

Astrology Chart Reading

Your natal chart encapsulates your Soul’s intent for this life. Swati’s readings are unique and provide immense clarity regarding your past gifts, present life tools and future intentions as well as the sacred timings activating higher consciousness. Never had a reading done with Swati before? Start here!

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The Gift of Your Authentic Voice (Group Course)

Transmute the wound that blocks your authentic self into joyful higher expression. Clear the karmic patterns that block higher expression. Navigate life-changing transits like Pluto/Chiron/Saturn with conscious intention and align with your highest path. Enable the higher consciousness being activated by these life-changing transits.

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Creative Workshops

Combine Astrology + Creativity to curate your new expression. Swati’s workshops are soul nourishing, proving a strong loving container for deep transformation while enabling pathways to joy and authentic expression.

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Power of Balance (1:1 coaching program)

Go deeper into your natal chart. Embody the highest essence of it. Step into your Highest Expression in this lifetime.
Invest in yourself with a groundbreaking program that helps you set up the next phase of your life for joyful success!
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