Hi, I’m Swati Kameswar, a Transformational Coach and Ascension Astrologer. I empower people to navigate life-changing events with conscious awareness and find clarity, meaning and purpose in the chaos.

Known for brilliantly blending astrology with transformational coaching techniques, I guide people through tough planetary transits and help them uncover the gifts of change in their own lives.

Life-changing events invite us to step into a new way of being. I created Power of Balance to help you uncover the hidden gift of transitional times and help you set up the next phase of your life for joyful success!


Client Love:

If you seek a tool box with a clear map for how to navigate life’s challenges, I highly recommend a reading with Swati! She clearly, compassionately, and joyfully explains the landmarks in your chart in a way that is extremely accessible and easy to reference later.I’d been to an astrologer before but was basically just … Continue reading LaChelle, USA

LaChelle, USA

Swati is very passionate and knowledgeable on western astrology. While I am sure we barely touched the tip of what is there to discover in our readings, it was still an experience doing that. I certainly gained some insights in to how astrology views our birth charts and how that may hold some tiny windows … Continue reading Harsha Jagasia, Texas, USA

Harsha Jagasia, Texas, USA

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