Express your uniqueness joyfully! Be who you were born to be!

You are UNIQUE, with unique gifts, and you will feel FULFILLED when you are unapologetically expressing that uniqueness with joy!

Hi, I’m Swati and I’m passionate about Astrology as a phenomenal personal developmental tool. I help people lead more authentic and fulfilling lives by getting in deep alignment with their natal chart.

One of my strengths is an ability to teach big concepts with simplicity and clarity. With Astrology, I make it super easy for you to understand yourself through your natal chart in a very practical way, so you can utilize that in your daily life and feel JOYFULLY FULFILLED! No more feeling like a fraud or out of place, when you are unapologetically being who you are meant to be!

Your natal chart holds big clues to your soul’s intent for this life, your life purpose.

I offer Astrology chart readings and my Power of Balance course that does a deep dive into your natal chart that starts to unlock these clues about who you are meant to be! The result is that you will get super clear on who you really are and your potential, along with tools to start living YOUR unique path with courage and joy.

There is so much power in knowing yourself thoroughly, by getting aligned with your natal chart, that allows you to lead a more fulfilled and authentic life!

This is sacred work to me and helping you to get in touch with your own soul’s intent is an absolute honor. I look forward to working with you! Click HERE to learn more about me and HERE to see my offerings and work with me.

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Client Love

I have been interested in astrology for a while, but have never taken the time to understand my chart. The reading I had with Swati opened my eyes to new understandings and maybe more importantly, confirmed aspects of my life that I already suspected. Swati has a lovely way of taking the charts information and … Continue reading Leslie Morton, USA

Leslie Morton, USA

I am so thankful for this wonderful course that Swati has created. This journey with Swati has taught me awareness, respecting my boundaries and an incredible ability to connect with elements in nature that surround us. Through her chart reading, I was able to understand myself so much better and was able to accept my … Continue reading Nancy N, California, USA

Nancy N, California, USA

Swati Kameswar is brilliant at blending and balancing astrology, coaching and engineering. She has created her own unique approach to help you understand astrology in a whole new way. With her intellectual mind and with her pure heart¬†she has the ability to read your astrological chart in a way I have never seen or experienced … Continue reading Corina Angela Winn

Corina Angela Winn

Over the years, I have studied astrology from different angles, although mostly from that of trying to understand my sun sign. As I have delved deeper into my birth chart, I found that there are so many layers of relationships between the planets and how these relationships can help us to find clarity around our … Continue reading Regyna, USA

Regyna, USA