Hi, I’m Swati, astrologer and transformational coach who empowers people to navigate life-changing events with grace and find clarity, meaning & purpose during chaotic times.

Known for brilliantly blending astrology and transformational coaching, I love to guide people through tough planetary transits and help them uncover the gifts of change in their own

My Story

Astrology came into my life when I was going through a deep internal transformation as a result of mid-life planetary transits also commonly known as mid-life crisis! As I started studying my own natal chart, I understood why I was going through such deep change and what the intent of the transits were. That the disillusionment that people experience during mid-life crisis was actually planetary transits that were designed to help us get in touch with our soul’s true intent for this life, and set up the 2nd half of our life.

To cut a long story short, during that phase I found my life purpose, using Astrology and Coaching to be a guiding light for people during transitional times. I find Astrology to be a phenomenal tool for personal development. It is less about predicting a future outcome, and more about understanding the intent of that transit, to get a deeper understanding about the self, patterns, strengths and uniqueness, and how this feeds into a larger vision for our life.

I am the creator of “Power of Balance-Uncover the hidden gift of transitional times, find your life-purpose and set up the next phase of your life for joyful success!”, my signature 1:1 coaching program that uses a ground-breaking approach to apply your personal astrology to help you go through changing times with purpose, intention and grace

My group programs Star Signs with Swati and Expanding Magic empower people to navigate life-changing periods with conscious awareness.

I am a certified coach in Joanna Lindenbaum’s Sacred Depths methodology, a certified astrologer through David Palmer’s Leo King Elite program and a certified facilitator of Lisa Michael’s Awakening the Divine Feminine Within. I also have a Master’s in Computer Engineering and have been in a leadership/management position for the past 9 years. 

Above all, I am passionate about empowering people to find and live their unique gifts with courage and joyful confidence!

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