I had a reading with Swati during a point in my life that I was experiencing many sad and hurtful events. Swati immediately new Chiron was transiting my sun and taught me about how to work with this transit. I have found so much peace and healing since our reading that I am so thankful for! Having the recording to go back and listen to has also been extremely helpful. Can’t thank you enough.

Krissy, California, USA

There comes a time in every life where there may seem to be more questions, more doubts, than answers…and then, the Universe gives you the perfect gift. Swati is that gift. Her personal journey resonated so deeply, it inspired me to reach out for an astrology reading; 90 minutes(!) all for me! You then receive, via email, the entire reading to listen to again and again. Believe me, you absolutely will. I am profoundly grateful that our paths have crossed, as she has restored in me, a once again calm heart space. I now have the answers I need to move forward, unimpeded by THE EGO, onto a path that has been lit up once again. I highly recommend this beautiful soul to assist you on your journey here. Thank you Swati.

❤ Donna, Connecticut, USA

Swati is very passionate and knowledgeable on western astrology. While I am sure we barely touched the tip of what is there to discover in our readings, it was still an experience doing that. I certainly gained some insights in to how astrology views our birth charts and how that may hold some tiny windows into what we come naturally ingrained with into the world and what may yet be possible. I am a strong believer in mindfulness, though I admit to not practicing it enough. I believe what Swati imparts through this process is along the lines of that, allowing one to connect with self and drive one self to what we may have been brought to this earth to do. All in all, doing the readings with Swati left me with a stronger sense of that.

Texas, USA
Harsha Jagasia, Texas, USA

Having a reading with Swati is like having a chat with a good friend. She has a profound knowledge of Astrology and she is able to explain your chart in a way that makes human sense. I have come away from her reading with a new sense of clarity for the new year and beyond. I can see what may arise for me in my career and personal life, and I have a better frame of reference thanks to her insights. Thank you Swati for handing me the tools to live a stronger, healthier life!



I got my first astrological reading by Swati last week. The best 90 minutes spent! Her reading was very thorough. She took the time to check in with me on how the experiences of the planetary influences played out in my life. She was also good at pointing the light and shadow side of each influence, and gave me pointers on what to do when I fell into the shadow side’s spell. She made the full 1.5 hours packed with information, including answering my long list of questions. After the session, she sent me a recording of the session, my charts, a summary of important dates to watch out, and a reading from the oracle cards that she pulled at the end of the session. I’m still digesting all the information a week later and planning to re-listen to the audio because there was just lots of good information in it. Thank you so much Swati!

Karen, CA, USA

I had a reading with Swati in December 2020 and it was a very beautiful and enlightening session. The reading was focused on the natal chart and its implications/meanings, the transits and also included the solar charts for 2020 and 2021. It was extremely detailed and has given me a lot of clarity on certain aspects of my personality and helped me tremendously to understand tendencies and happenings in my life better. At the same time it has given me a lot of clarity on where to focus in future more and in which direction to move on in order to fully realize the purpose of my being in this lifetime. Her reading is a very precious gift to me and will accompany me for the rest of my life. I would like to thank Swati once again from my heart and can only highly recommend her for everybody who wants to know him/herself better and find a path to fully live and express his/her given potential.

Adi, Nepal

My session with Swati was incredibly illuminating. Swati has a unique approach that blends deep spiritual insight with pragmatism. She helps you understand the placement of planets and other cosmic entities in your natal chart, and explains how transits in the present and future could impact your chart. It is like handing over a toolbox to you that helps you tune into the cosmic energy around you and navigate your own space and identity within it! I love Swati’s equal emphasis on what’s external to us but also our own power and inner strength that we can use to work with the external to reach our highest potential and live out our values everyday! I truly enjoyed this session and would highly recommend it!

Audrey, Nepal

Swati is an absolute delight to work with. She deeply cares for you and your well being. Provides tools to not just survive but thrive. Swati has an amazing capability to listen and is extremely non judgmental with a pulse for your frame of mind which is hard to beat. Even a person like me who is guarded could easily open up to Swati. Swati’s desire is to see others empowered and lead better lives so arms you with tools and techniques to beat any stress or difficult times in your life.Swati has been a constant revelation and thanks to her I have been able to discover myself in many ways and my shadow traits. She has these wonderful rituals and meditation techniques which should be part of everyone’s lives. Her calming voice takes the meditation exercises to the next level. I am extremely grateful for my time with her and will continue to work with her and highly recommend her sessions!


If you seek a tool box with a clear map for how to navigate life’s challenges, I highly recommend a reading with Swati! She clearly, compassionately, and joyfully explains the landmarks in your chart in a way that is extremely accessible and easy to reference later.

I’d been to an astrologer before but was basically just given answers to specific questions. Swati’s reading, however, gave me all the information I needed to more thoroughly understand the cosmic magic of my own chart and be able to answer my own questions! Three months on and I still reference the notes from our session. Thank you Swati!


LaChelle, USA

I have been interested in astrology for a while, but have never taken the time to understand my chart. The reading I had with Swati opened my eyes to new understandings and maybe more importantly, confirmed aspects of my life that I already suspected. Swati has a lovely way of taking the charts information and helping you see how it applies specifically to an area of your life. Her knowledge of the work and her intuitive sensibilities made me feel as if I were having a meaningful conversation with an old friend.

Leslie Morton
Leslie Morton, USA