Astrology + Creativity Workshop – Coming Home into the Heart

So glad I came to this, it was super insightful and fun. This was such a good experience, I’ve never done anything like this.

I’m really shocked how many realizations I got out of this! I’m feeling all sorts of stories coming up for me that want to be released.

What came up for me was to allow my heart to guide me. I’ve had a distrust for my heart before. I loved being a part of this workshop.

This entire year I’ve been battling my heart because my mind wants to take over. This process helps me realize that my heart is my anchor. Trust it.

Thank you Swati for a beautiful and insightful workshop today! I have my artwork hung on the wall beside my desk as a reminder of my affirmation and the insights gained through this experience.

Atmaitri Gather & Grow Circle Participants


I have known Swati for over a decade and observed her to be a very intelligent engineer and empathetic leader. But I had the privilege of getting to know her as a coach over the last 2 years. She has an amazing talent to help bring self-awareness and personally helped shape my personal and professional engagements in a very positive way.

I participated in an 8-week coaching program she offered, and it was life-changing. I walked away from the course being able to recognize energy leaks that were barriers to the vision and intent that I had in various endeavors – both in my personal and professional life.

Even after the program, I continued to meet with her for 1:1 coaching and she helped me make in a major professional transition from engineering to diversity & inclusion work, which has been such a soul-nourishing experience.

I hope if you have the chance to engage Swati’s coaching services, that you take the opportunity and it is as transformational for you as it has been for me!

Vaidehee G, Austin TX

Power of Balance Coaching Program

If you are looking for support and a path forward I highly recommend working with Swati in her Power of Balance program.

She has the ability to get to the core issues and expose it with so much love and compassion, and she helps show how to resolve it. She is incredibly gifted with blending her strengths of holding space, reading your astrological chart and creative solutions that literally release your old patterns. 

After many years of trying therapists, healers and astrologers, working with Swati helped me to see my inner light shine again.

Wende B, USA

Power of Balance Coaching Program

‘Swati’s Power of Balance program is truly phenomenal.

Swati worked with me over a period of 4 months to help me strengthen  my connection with my inner self. Through a series of sessions that included deep and sustaining conversations, and creative and healing practices, Swati helped me gain a better understanding of my natal chart, my energies, and the beliefs I was holding on to that needed releasing.

She also sent me a wealth of supplementary material such as videos and handouts. I finished the program feeling refreshed and with a profound understanding of myself.

I 100% recommend this program to anyone considering living a fuller and well-balanced life!’ 

Audrey M, Austria

Astrology Natal Chart Reading

I highly recommend you all get a reading with Swati!

Her down to earth mannerism is comforting and genuine. She flows with ease through the chart reading, and it resonated with my life’s past and future journey.

She is really gifted at pinpointing how to use the energy in my chart to move me into alignment with my life purpose. She gave me so much guidance, that I was needing. Thank you, Swati!

Wende, USA

Astrology Natal Chart Reading

I’m so grateful to Swati for her guidance. I’ve been following Swati’s blog for quite some time. Few weeks ago, I felt really stuck and was processing heavy emotions. I contacted Swati and she immediately understood my situation.

Swati’s passion for Astrology and her expertise along with great compassion, helped me understand that what I was going through was an opportunity to move ahead. The timely suggestions and tools she provided changed my predicament into an exciting challenge.

Her willingness to help and guide is so genuine. Swati not only provided the tools to work with but also provided so many words of encouragement that can only come from a caring friend. I am so grateful for her.

If you are curious and/or looking for some directions to do inner work, Swati can definitely get you started and keep you going.

Vidhya V, Austin, USA

Astrology Natal Chart Reading

I had a reading with Swati during a point in my life that I was experiencing many sad and hurtful events. Swati immediately new Chiron was transiting my sun and taught me about how to work with this transit. I have found so much peace and healing since our reading that I am so thankful for! Having the recording to go back and listen to has also been extremely helpful. Can’t thank you enough.

Krissy, California, USA

Astrology Natal Chart Reading

There comes a time in every life where there may seem to be more questions, more doubts, than answers…and then, the Universe gives you the perfect gift. Swati is that gift. Her personal journey resonated so deeply, it inspired me to reach out for an astrology reading; 90 minutes(!) all for me! You then receive, via email, the entire reading to listen to again and again. Believe me, you absolutely will. I am profoundly grateful that our paths have crossed, as she has restored in me, a once again calm heart space. I now have the answers I need to move forward, unimpeded by THE EGO, onto a path that has been lit up once again. I highly recommend this beautiful soul to assist you on your journey here. Thank you Swati.

❤ Donna, Connecticut, USA

Astrology Natal Chart Reading

Swati is very passionate and knowledgeable on western astrology. While I am sure we barely touched the tip of what is there to discover in our readings, it was still an experience doing that. I certainly gained some insights in to how astrology views our birth charts and how that may hold some tiny windows into what we come naturally ingrained with into the world and what may yet be possible. I am a strong believer in mindfulness, though I admit to not practicing it enough. I believe what Swati imparts through this process is along the lines of that, allowing one to connect with self and drive one self to what we may have been brought to this earth to do. All in all, doing the readings with Swati left me with a stronger sense of that.

Texas, USA
Harsha Jagasia, Texas, USA

Astrology Natal Chart Reading

Having a reading with Swati is like having a chat with a good friend. She has a profound knowledge of Astrology and she is able to explain your chart in a way that makes human sense. I have come away from her reading with a new sense of clarity for the new year and beyond. I can see what may arise for me in my career and personal life, and I have a better frame of reference thanks to her insights. Thank you Swati for handing me the tools to live a stronger, healthier life!


Amanda, Australia