Jan 4th 2019

Aspects: Dark moon in Sagittarius with Mercury conjunct galactic center | Sun sextile Neptune

What is the energy like: Dark moon energy can be intense, it’s the phase just before the new moon. And this is no ordinary new moon. It’s also a solar eclipse, which is a super charged new moon. What a way to start 2019! Sun sextile Neptune can slow us down and help us tap into our muse.

What to watch out for: We are in the window of the New moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. It’s time to let go of 2018 completely and come up with a plan for 2019. We can’t look forward to the new if the old energy is blocking it. You might be called to let go of the past in many ways and this can get emotional.

How to navigate these aspects: Spend today and this weekend working on a vision. 2019 is going to call for integrity from all of us. Are we living in integrity with our heart’s desires? We are getting plenty of help and guidance from the invisible realm, with Mercury conjunct GC and Sun sextile Neptune. A good time for visioning and divination activities.

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