Jan 10th 2019


  • Sun Pluto conjunction exact
  • Moon sextile Saturn
  • Moon conjunct Neptune

What is the energy like: The main aspect today is the exact conjunction of the Sun with Pluto. This is a major aspect that makes the day feel very heavy and emotional. Moon conjunct Neptune adds to the water element in the chart, allowing emotions to flow more easily.

What to watch out for: The aspect with Pluto today is bringing up a lot of our issues around owning our power and we may feel grief and sadness around that. The purpose of Pluto transits are to help us face our fears around owning our power so that we can finally move past them and step into our strong presence fully. First though, we need to let go of old emotional baggage we may have been carrying around this sensitive topic. Moon with Neptune makes it easy to allow emotions to flow and let go. Moon sextile Saturn allows us to see ourselves as our own authority.

How to navigate these aspects: If you feel like curling up into a ball and going to sleep, do that. If you feel like crying your heart out, do that. Let go and let grace is the mantra today.

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