Jan 12th 2019

Aspects: Mercury conjunct Saturn in Capricorn | Jupiter square Neptune

What is the energy like: The intense energies continue with these 2 aspects today. You might feel like there is an urgency to get things done, and if they are not, be judgmental about yourself and others, with your mindset and communication. Jupiter square Neptune adds to the tension of expanding vs dissolving, with the Capricorn energy determined to make things move forward.

What to watch out for: We are going to feel Capricorn throughout the year. The feeling of all work and no play is something to watch out for. Yes, there are goals to accomplish. Yes, there are things to be done and changes to be made, and new structures to be built.

How to navigate these aspects: It’s really important to ensure that the action we take is inspired by our connection to our highest self. Otherwise we could end up working hard along an entire path that is wrong for us. With the Sun Pluto conjunction from yesterday, we are required to allow something old and outdated in our lives to dissolve and die. Jupiter square Neptune is saying, pause and listen to that highest wisdom of yours that knows exactly what you need and want.

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