Jan 14th 2019


  • Moon conjunct Uranus
  • Sun approaching South Node in Capricorn
  • Jupiter square Neptune

What is the energy like: Moon conjunct Uranus gives us the impetus to break out of the funk we might have found ourselves in the last few days. Uranus is the awakener. It seeks to break us out of patterns we are stuck in. With Sun approaching South Node (the patterns of past lives that we need to move away from), its highlighting what’s not working and what needs to fall away. And Moon conjunct Uranus is showing us a radical way to change that.

What to watch out for: There can a rebellious aspect to Uranus. Seek to find that balance. Be open to inspiration, but find ways to break out of current situations not serving you in the most practical way possible. The Jupiter Neptune square is saying that your actions must be aligned to your inner wisdom, for it to be in the highest good of all.

How to navigate these aspects: Be open to new, inspiring, out of the blue ideas and opportunities. But ensure that any action you take is guided by your heart, moving towards something you truly desire, rather than running away from something that you don’t.

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