Jan 23rd 2019


  • Sun in Aquarius (Jan 21st-Feb 20th), Moon in Virgo
  • Mars approaching trine with Jupiter
  • Venus still close to Jupiter

What is the energy like: Even though we have just come off a strong lunar Eclipse and Full moon, you may be seeing signs of a bit of lightening of the energy, due to some expansive aspects.

Sun in Aquarius finally breathes some fresh air into the week. After not having any planets in Air signs for the last few months, this is a relief. In Aquarius, we want freedom to be our unique self, and with the moon in Virgo, the topic of sacred work is high on our minds. I know for me that is coming up very personally. The question of the day is: How can I change my routine (Virgo) to incorporate my Sacred Work (Virgo) and feel the sense of freedom and independence that comes from honoring my uniqueness (Aquarius)?

What to watch out for: Jupiter close to Venus in the  morning sky is a spectacular sight! See if you can wake up early to see this today and tomorrow.

How to navigate these aspects: Mars trining Jupiter with Venus conjunct Jupiter is a fantastic opportunity to actually take some action towards our sacred work. Watch out for the potential of doors that may be opening, even if it’s not very obvious right now.

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