Feb 27th 2019

Aspects: Mercury in Pisces in shadow period | Pluto in Capricorn at the midpoint of Venus/Saturn in Capricorn

What is the energy like: Mercury will go retrograde in Pisces next week. We are in the shadow period, which means this is area that Mercury will back track over when it goes retrograde. Pay attention to what’s showing up in your life as this is likely going to be revisited during Mercury’s retrograde time.

The theme of empowering ourselves to take steps towards our desires continues with Pluto/Venus/Saturn in Capricorn.

Pluto at the midpoint of Venus/Saturn is allowing us to dive deep into the truth of our desires–what do we really really want and do we have the discipline to work towards it?

What to watch out for:  The Pisces/Capricorn combination helps us to bring our dreams to reality. Mercury in Pisces can give you access to dream your vision into being. So it’s important to pay attention what you are feeling and thinking, especially in regards to your goals this year. Pluto can help you release what is no longer necessary.

How to navigate these aspects: Infuse your day with the energy you want to feel. Allow Pisces to dissolve the restrictions you feel and dream of the ideal scenario. Then take the action steps needed  to get closer to the goal.

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