Mar 5th 2019

Aspects: Mercury stationing Retrograde at the last degree of the zodiac, new moon in Pisces window

What is the energy like: Lots of Pisces energy in the air. Mercury is stationing to go retrograde later this morning at the last degree of the zodiac. This degree (29th Pisces) has been emphasized a lot in recent months due to Chiron being here for an extended period of time. Chiron has brought to us a lot of healing in the past few years, especially as it relates to our faith in a higher power and our ability to trust and go with the flow has been strengthened. Now Mercury going retrograde at this exact degree has a bit more information for us on the same topic and that will become more obvious in the next 3 weeks during its retrograde period.

What to watch out for: Things may not be very clear, and thinking through things with the logical mind will be hard. Pisces is a feeling water sign. Mercury retrograde here asks us to slow down and review things, pay attention to what’s hidden underneath and watch out for new information that may be revealed. It’s a good time to close out any old projects that may be lingering. If things are not going as fast as you would like them to, just know that this period may require us to surrender and go with the flow. Things will pick up again once Mercury goes direct and clears the shadow period.

How to navigate these aspects: The water element is very strong in these coming days with Mercury, New Moon and Neptune in Pisces. Working with all things Water will be very beneficial and will help to tap into our intuition which will help us navigate Mercury’s retrograde period with more flow. One favorite practice of mine to connect to Water and my intuition is to paint intuitively. Just drop into your heart, pick out a few colors, and start to paint, without judgement and without engaging the analytical mind. And see what comes through. Working intuitively, we can access the messages Mercury may be trying to bring to us during this period.

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