Mar 12th 2019

Aspects: Moon in Gemini, Sun in Pisces, Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

What is the energy like: We have a very uplifting, gentle, joyful energy today, if you can go with the flow and tap into your creativity. Gemini is a fun, curious, communicator, and Pisces loves to amble along dreamily, and both signs are very creative.

What to watch out for: There could be a gentle tug of war between the thoughts and feelings today, with moon in Gemini engaging the mental realm and the Pisces sun wanting to feel its way through the day. Today, create just for the sake of having fun. As adults, we forget to do that and think that every creation should have a purpose.

How to navigate these aspects: Let the creative right brain lead the way and indulge in all sorts of fun pursuits like journaling, painting, drawing and singing. Make creative joy a priority today. And then pay attention to your intuition. It’s one of those days when inspiration and ideas will just come pouring forth. Note them down for future reference. That is exactly the point of today, says Mercury Retrograde.

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