Preparing for the March Equinox

Our astrology natal chart holds many secrets, some of which are to do with how we relate to power and authority in our life.

On Mar 20th, we have the Equinox, with Sun entering Aries conjunct Chiron and Full Moon in Libra, all on the same day. This is huge energy! We can learn a lot about igniting our personal power from all these archetypes and I will be hosting a 1hr webinar at 4pm CST on Mar 20th to talk about this and give you tools on how best to work with this energy.

You can sign up at this link below for the free webinar and also to get my free e-book on the 3 sources of Hidden Power in your natal chart and how to start to unlock them. Link to Sign Up.

The webinar will be recorded if you cannot attend live. You will need to sign up to receive the recording.

In the meantime, the one thing I always do to prepare for the Equinox, is a massive clearing of my physical space. Its a transition to a new season, and the Equinox brings in huge amount of fresh new energy. To best utilize this and allow the new to come in, I go through every room in my house and clear it of any old stuff not needed anymore. I then clean it energetically by working with the elements: Open the windows to let in fresh Air, add essential oils to the laundry, bless the Water used to clean the rooms, working with Sound (bell) and Earth by using flower essences to infuse the space with love and peace. Try this out, you will feel a big difference when you’re done.


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