Mar 20th 2019 – Equinox, Libra Full Moon, Sun with Chiron, Oh My!

Aspects: Equinox, Libra Full Moon, Sun conjunct Chiron

How can I apply it to my life: Wow, feeling the intensity yet? Just one of these alignments packs a punch, but all 3 together on the same day has ramped up the intensity significantly. You might be feeling the tension in your relationships particularly, with Aries wanting to assert its way and Libra wanting to find peace and harmony in the day. The full moon will also be highlighting where our wounds around owning our power are showing up.

Handle this with care. It’s a good day to pause and reflect on where you want your life to go towards. Equinox is a really good time to do a ritual to release all that is no longer serving you and call in what you really want.

I invite you to join in for a free webinar I’m hosting at 4pm CDT today on how to work with the energy of today. Sign up here to attend live or receive a recording of the call.

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