7 gifts I’ve received through astrology

My natal chart has been activated plenty in the last couple of years. But paying attention to what is being touched by the transits in the sky, helped me to see the potential in that transit, and work with its intent consciously. With the result, they brought through many gifts!

1: Owning my uniqueness: The eclipses on the Leo Aquarius axis last year, activated my chart big time. I learned to move through the pain of being different, and have the courage to allow my uniqueness to shine! I took the big step of acknowledging that astrology is my passion and I want to take it seriously, no matter what anyone else thinks!

2: Being responsible for my creative potential: In the Great Round course, we made many mandalas following the 12 stages of the Great Round. During one of them, I realized that Saturn in Leo in my chart was telling me that I need to be responsible for nurturing my own creative potential. That was powerful.

3: Tough transits get easier the more consciously I work with them: Since last year, I’ve gone through Neptune square my natal Neptune several times, and Pluto approached my Mars conjunct. I realized that the gift of retrogrades gives us multiple opportunities to learn the lesson of the intent.

4: Bringing through radical healing: Uranus has touched my South Node Chiron in the 3rd house multiple times, giving me many opportunities to first work through the hard emotions and then presenting out of the blue resources to break ahead with the healing! Through this I discovered the Goddess Voice Academy which is helping me to open up my voice. Another gift of working consciously with the transit.

5: Courage: Venus ended her cycle as the Aries meta Goddess and brought through the immense gift of moving through fear and embodying courage and inner power to initiate something new in my life.

6: New collaborations: Venus started her new 19 month cycle as the Libra meta goddess, near my North Node in Libra, and is helping me see the wonders of building relationships and collaborations with like-minded people.

7: Gifts of communication: Chiron activated my natal Venus several times. As I worked through the sensitive spots and increased my sense of self-worth, I brought through gifts that I have started sharing with others. This blog is one of them!

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