Sun Conjunct Uranus

Apr 22nd: Sun conjunct Uranus. The week starts off with a bang with the Sun conjunct Uranus. This energy can help highlight where we want to break free from old outdated values and ways of being.You might get an insight on what needs to change in your life, or how you can bring in more delight or Taurean ways of being. Pay attention to any inspiring messages or thoughts you might receive today. Connect with this energy by going outside and spending time in the sunlight.

Personal Note: I’ve become more aware in recent days as this energy built up, that my lifelong love and interest in flowers goes deeper than than just enjoying them for their beauty or fragrance. I’m exploring that aspect through my creative activities. It was when Uranus entered Taurus for the 1st time on May 15th 2018, that during a collage activity I realized that flowers showed up in all my pages. A few days later I found out about a Flower Therapy course and was really drawn to signing up and it opened some very lovely ways of working with flowers that have truly brought delight into my life. Just what Uranus in Taurus says–open up to live a luscious life!

So I share this with you because with Uranus transits, we may be given unexpected thoughts and insights that lead us onto our unique path that may be totally unexpected, yet deeply satisfying to the soul. Pay attention to what transpires today and in the next few days!

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