Let Go and Let Grace

Today is a prickly day and a good day to let go and let grace. It’s a day of big endings.

Let Go and Let Grace

The moon in the sky meets up with Saturn, the South Node and then Pluto. That’s pretty heavy, and signifies that something big is coming to an end. You might feel a lot of deep feelings rising to the surface.

Let it all flow. Allow yourself to acknowledge and feel the feelings, and come out the other side. This could just be really old karmic layers coming up to be released, so try not to identify with it.

In my own natal chart, I have Mercury/Mars in Capricorn in the 12th house, so moon will meet up all these. Internally I do feel like an old part of me has changed and is morphing into something new. I’ve felt a lot of grief come up and so I’ve been working more with flowers this week to help with the strong emotions.

Many different flowers came into my awareness and I was really drawn to meditating with them.

Venus + Chiron = Courage + Compassion

The highlight of my week was working with this beautiful fragrant red rose, starting the day Venus was conjunct Chiron in Aries, which can trigger our sensitive spots. I cut a few and brought them inside the house. I love having flowers throughout my space and its extra special if they grow in my yard.

Red Rose

I felt a profound sense of being held lovingly by it and I received a beautiful healing from the rose as deep feelings of unworthiness that I was surprised to see, came to the surface of my awareness.

The message I got from the rose is: Deeply inhale this fragrant life and allow it to nurture and nourish you. Allow this red rose to dissolve the blocks to receiving love. Fill yourself with deep divine love and then express from that place.The rich red color grounded me and the dark shadows being held lovingly within the petals reminded me that we can hold all parts of ourselves, even the ones we consider ugly, in love and compassion.

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