Do you have a daily practice?

The intensity of the planetary transits this year has been off the charts this year. It’s not surprising as a lot of these transits are paving the way for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction next year, ramping up the intensity so we purge what doesn’t serve us, so we are ready to build the new. But it can throw us off track from our intention to lead mindful lives. I’ve found that when things get intense, I really need to simplify my life and commit to a daily practice that will keep me grounded.

My own chart has been activated much and I’ve been trying to be very conscious while going through them. And right now, I feel a deep sense of peace within me, even as I have surfed the intense energies this year. And what has helped is my daily practice that helps me stay focused on what I want most now, which is, a life infused with peace and joy.

My practice has evolved over the years, but this is what is working for me now:

Time in nature: This is non-negotiable. I go outside to my yard and sit under a tree for at least 5-10 mins every day, either in the morning before going to work or in the evening after all the household chores are done. I find that this is one of quickest ways to bring back balance.

Toning: In recent years, I’ve been studying sound medicine and seeing its benefits in my life. Toning and sounding are a regular part of my practice. I’ve found toning to be very effective to allow release of strong emotions.

Intuitive paining: another practice that really relaxes me, clears my mind and connects me to a source of joy within.

All the 3 combined, it doesn’t take me more than 20-30 minutes and is well worth the time spent.

What should you include in your daily practice?

If you are just starting out, then I suggest including something simple that you know you will do consistently.  Try not to have more than 2-3 things and that they are short enough (5-10 mn ) to do every day, otherwise it can become yet one more chore you have to do!

  • The most important thing is that your practice should be something that nurtures, nourishes or energizes you.
  • Keep in mind that this will change as you evolve. In the beginning, my daily practice really just included me drinking enough water every day! It can be that simple, it doesn’t have to be some super complicated thing!
  • It may require discipline in the beginning because it’s a new habit you are developing.
  • Do something that you feel good doing, otherwise you are going to be resistant to doing it.
  • Do something that centers you – brings you back to your center everyday, and grounds you – brings you back into your body. We spent so much time in our minds that takes us away from being present in our body, and the body is where the change happens!

Feel free to share belowdo you have a daily practice? What have you found most effective and what are some of the things you do?

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